Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Day in Our Paradise

It was another BEAUTIFUL day here in Kiev, Ukraine.  The weather has been in the low 80's and super enjoyable.  I think Eric, Carol, and I have adjusted to the 7 hour time difference and we have finally been getting decent sleep.  That makes for happy explorers.  We spent the day figuring out the Metro, doing laundry, and hanging out in a cafe that has WiFi.  Nothing terribly exciting.

We also made contact with a family that lives in Kremenchuk.  They are missionaries that are from TN, but have been in Kremenchuk since '09.  Eric, Carol, and I will be meeting up with them when we arrive in Kremenchuk and look forward to learning more about Dima's town.

This evening we had another round of food at the Ukrainian Buffett and added another family to our crew: The Hazelton Family!  We had so much fun and the food, of course, was awesome!

Other than that we really have nothing new to report.  Again, our SDA appointment is set for Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. our time.  For those of you on the east coast of the United States that is 3:00 a.m.  Please pray for us that it would go smoothly.  I have no doubt that it will but to be bathed in prayer is always a good thing.

In the meantime please take a moment to visit our Youtube Channel.  We have posted more videos for your viewing pleasure.  Nothing exciting, just sharing our sights with you.  Soon it will be non-stop videos of a super cute little man!

Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement.  They mean so much!


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Sarah said...

It's so cool that y'all are viewing this time away as an adventure! I want to have the same mindset when we travel...and I am trying to believe it's a "when" and not an "if" :) Can't wait to read about when you finally meet Dima!