Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have been meaning to write, especially since we have met Dima, but our time has been consumed with Dima, our apartment situation, and navigating our new surroundings.

First, I know you all want to know about our first meeting with Dima.  Suffice to say it was AWESOME!  That boy has got quite a personality!  As many of you saw in our Youtube videos, he gave hid new Mama and Papa the thumb's up and a big, "O.K.!" when we were introduced.  He then proceeded to do cartwheels in the Director's office and play with a giant stuffed dog.  Once I broke out a little snack cake, however, he was ready to be my friend up close and personal.  Eric and I also showed him the photo album we made for him of our family and home.  He LOVES that thing!  Dima poured over each and every picture, repeating the names of his new brothers (he loves that "Bubba" or Elijah, has glasses!), his dog, and his grandparents.  He studied every little picture and every details of every picture.  Amazingly, he recalled everything less than an hour later when we got the book out once more.  Some of you told me that Dima was not going to amount to much (yes, people actually said that to my face!) but I am going to tell you right now that Dima is extremely smart!  He blew Eric, Carol, and I away with all that he was able to say and do.  And his physical coordination?  Outstanding!  Once we took him outside to the play ground he was all over the place and very confident in his abilities.  Dima was also extremely hyper and just wanted us to chase him for 2 hours straight.  And that boy is STRONG!

During the first visit Dima was a little unsure of who Eric was, but by the end of the 2 hours he knew Eric was his Papa and Dima was calling for him every 5 minutes.  But yes, he is a Mama's boy through and through!  He wanted to kiss my hand, hug me, and then he would try to over power me and push me down the slide.  Not in a mean way, just very excited and very strong.

The whole time Eric and I felt as though we were having an out of body experience, like we were really not here but observing things as we did all of those months on Youtube.  But no, this is all very real and Dima loves his new Mama and Papa!

After our first visit Eric, Carol, and I were exhausted and needed to go home to take a snooze.  Unfortunately, however, the apartment that we are in is really icky and we are very uncomfortable.  We are grateful for a place to sleep, but the smell of smoke and cheap perfume makes us sick at night and when we wake up we feel awful.  We also have a horrible gnat issue and even though we have not been keeping trash in the apartment it will not stop and it is getting worse.  Finally, we have no bed sheets and the one bed is really icky.  We are seriously not difficult to please but this is really not O.K. and we are trying to secure a different apartment.  With it being the weekend that has been difficult.

Anyway, so after a nap it was time to head back to our Dima.  Our second visit of the day was much like the first only we realized that Dima seems to be sick.  He has a horribly juicy cough, green slime coming out of his nose, and his throat/tonsils are inflamed pretty bad.  No fever, though, so that is a little bit of a relief.  But he quickly slowed down and was worn out.  We ended that visit with coloring.

Dima is also absolutely toilet trained as he has been able to clearly communicate whenever he needs to use the bathroom.  I am so pleased that more than likely we will not even need to use pull-ups.  I just hope that Dima knows that he cannot drop his drawers in the middle of the airplane on the way home!  He is also able to communicate very well with Eric, Carol, and I with his Russian, some English that he has picked up in 24 hours, and now some ASL that I have taught him (Signing Time will be our new best friend!).

And you want to know how I KNOW that he is super smart?  As we were taking him back to his groupa after our second visit yesterday he tried to get us to take him to the Director's office.  Want to know why?  Because he wants to go HOME with his Mama and Papa!  He KNOWS that the Director needs to sign off on this.  He also tried to make us take him out of the orphanage gates yesterday but we had to stop him from making a break.  Trust me, though, when I say that I I really wanted to run with him.  So many of you have commented how nice the orphanage seems.  Sure, it LOOKS nice, but you are not seeing the children up close and personal nor do you see how some of the nannies interact with the children.  Bottom line no child should be there- period.

So today's visits were also fantastic but Eric, Carol, and I noticed that Dima seems worse with his cough and congestion.  I am hoping that tomorrow afternoon we can figure if a doctor has seen him.  If not, we are going to ask if we can have a doctor see Dima at our expense.  I do not want him to get much worse which could cause a delay in his homecoming to the States.  Please pray for Dima's health to improve quickly!

Today Dima was really into playing with his Papa but he wanted Mama to carry him.  That means lots of kisses on the cheek and hugging time.  Oh how amazing that felt!  I waited so long for those hugs and kisses and no, I don't care that he is sick!  He needs some loving from his Mama!  He also is responding to our gentle correction as he tests the limits like it is his full-time job.  He is not bad, just super curious and learning his boundaries with us.  Sometimes he really pushes us, but we have managed to handle that to where you can almost see Dima's relief of being corrected.  It makes him feel secure.

There is so much more I want to write about as we learned more about his background, but it is after midnight here and I need to get some sleep!  We have church in the morning with a fantastic missionary couple and their little boys and I am BEAT!  Again, thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.  We are so grateful.

Oh and excuse the typos.  I am too tired to go back and edit this adorable little boy wore me out today:)


Anonymous said...

Love to hear of your adventures with Dima. I've been enjoying all the videos you've posted- they bring back so many memories for us as well.

As far as Dima not amounting to much...may I just say that whatever God created is GOOD and beautiful and has a purpose. And to suggest such a thing about a creation of God is heretical (and I use that word very rarely!). On the other hand, none of us amount to much apart from our Creator and what a joy it is to know this beautiful child will be raised to know, love and follow his Creator.

Hold your head high Moniers! We love you and your hearts for Dima and for the Lord. You are a shining example to us all as to how we are to love the least of these, practice pure, undefiled religion, and to demonstrate Christ's love to the world.

Aislinn said...

Yay!!!! I was up late skyping with my mom (it is technically her birthday where we are!!) and when we were done I was so happy to read all about your first few visits....then I watched the videos, and phew! I am now ready for bed :) What a sweet, lovely and lively little guy!!
So excited to finally see you with Dima :) Just precious.
Sleep well sister!

Justylou said...

I am so happy for your family and Dima.

Jessica said...

How exciting to get to meet your precious son. I am a friend of a friend and have been blessed by following your journey.