Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God Is Amazing

Time and time again we have been amazed by God and His plan for our lives and that of Dima's.  There is no doubt in our minds that Dima was meant to be a part of our family and that God has wonderful things in store for that little man's life.  Where to even begin?

Our visits with Dima over the last few days have been sheer perfection.  He is picking up English and ASL with tremendous ease, he is more calm and obedient, and his truly loves his Mama and Papa.  The past 2 visits have been all about Papa which is good since Papa heads back to the States on Tuesday.  Dima will be sad to see Papa go but will be excited once again when we are finally home in the States as a complete family.  I digress....

Each visit at the orphanage we hear Dima telling his groupa (little ones with whom he lives) about his Mama and Papa and then his friends all greet us with, "Privet Mama!  Privet Papa!" and Dima just grins his toothy grin.  We are learning about Dima's likes and dislikes, too.  He loves the color green, he loves eye balls, but dislikes "sloans" or elephants.  Dima also has a great love for "say-baccas" or dogs (by the way, I am phonetically typing the Russian words as I do not know how to properly spell them).  And can that boy kick and throw!  WOWZA!  He is super coordinated and will have so much fun playing ball with his brothers.

Dima's sickness seems to be going away, too, which is a HUGE relief to this Mama.  I was beginning to worry that maybe if he was chronically ill that we would somehow be delayed in our return to the States in a few weeks.  Speaking of which, we received some most excellent news today. We have our court date THIS Friday (August 19th) at 1:00 p.m. our time, or 6:00 a.m. EST in the States.  Would you please be in prayer for us during that time?  We do not expect any problems especially since Dima's birthmother has no legal right to him and the father that was listed on the birth certificate is not really Dima's father.  Apparently there was an affair and Dima was the product if that.  We were also told that the chances of our 10 day waiting period being waived was pretty much zero but we are enjoying ourselves here enough to where we are O.K. with that.  Just as long as our stay here is not permanent (ha ha!).

I have also been so aware of the intricacies of God's plan for not only Dima's life, but even other people and their families.  If I had more time I would love to write about all the different people we have been meeting during our time here in Kremenchuk, but our Internet is spotty and Eric needs to use the computer.  Suffice to say, however, that God's hand has been in this since even before we found Dima.  While it is amazing, it should not be surprising.

Finally, we have Internet, but it is really a bad connection so we have been unable to upload videos or pictures.  As soon as we are able to do so we will.  There are so many wonderful videos of our boy waiting to been seen by the world.  We have also been able to get videos of his groupa and there are so many little ones that so desperately need a family.  And thank you, as always, for your prayers.

P.S.  Please excuse the typos here.  We are in Ukrainian Google and it is difficult to use the spellcheck as a result.  That and I am beyond exhausted!

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