Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SDA Success

This morning we were greeted by a sweet man named Niko who took us to our SDA appointment.  There we met Julia and her sweet little boy, Stanislov.  As soon as we walked into the building we were whisked up some stairs into a little room where it was just the SDA worker, Julia, Eric, and I.  Carol had to wait downstairs.  We were immediately asked for our passports and to start everything off I handed the SDA worker CAROL'S passport!  That made for some confusion and some laughs, but I quickly realized my error and produced the proper passport.

We were asked about ourselves, what we do, what our family is like, and I was able to show our photo book.  When the nice woman opened the book and saw the silly pictures of Eric playing with the boys she gasped and spoke quickly to Julia.  Apparently "priests" or in Eric's case, Minister, are not supposed to have fun, but be very proper!  Again, more laughs.

Then, the moment that took my breath away- Dima's file.  I saw it!  The SDA woman began to read from it and Julia translated.  Dima was born May 15, 2004 to a single woman.  Dima has a brother born in 1998 that currently lives with their father.  Sadly, Dima's mother and father were not together and the mother was extremely neglectful to the point that the State removed Dima and his brother and the mother can no longer have any contact with them.  Dima's father was unable to care for Dima so that is why Dima is in the orphanage.  There is a grandmother but we do not know if she visits or not.  We also do not know if the father or brother visits.  We will find this out on Friday.  Eric and I are open to being in limited contact with Dima's family since there is an older brother, but we really do not have enough information on that situation to make a final decision at this time.  Please also note that we are not interested in outside opinions.  If your advice is needed, you will be asked.  I just needed to make that clear for our sanity's sake.  Dima was described as an active, energetic, high functioning little boy.  I just laughed out loud and told the SDA worker that he will be a perfect fit with his new brothers and she, too laughed.  She could tell from our photo book that Jeremiah, Elijah, and Nathan were active, happy, well-adjusted little boys that would make excellent brothers for Dima.  Finally, we learned that Dima is healthy, no other health problems, just has the diagnosis of Down Syndrome which we were of course aware of.  Eric and I were relieved thankful when we received this news.  No sooner had the meeting begun it ended and we were dismissed.

Eric and I return to the SDA office tomorrow afternoon to pick up our referral and we leave very early Friday morning to travel to Kremenchuk.  No train ride for us as our facilitator Alex will be driving us.  We must be at the orphanage by 9:00 a.m. and will meet Dima at that time.  It is amazing to think that I will soon have my precious new son in my arms and I will be able to tell him that I love him so very much.  I can kiss his sweet head and promise him that he will never be neglected ever again and that he will always be taken care of and love just for who God made him to be.

Eric and I are overwhelmed with love for this precious little boy and our hearts rejoice that we are able to be his parents.  At the same time, however, our hearts are sad as we think about the years of neglect and the brother that is out there somewhere.  As a mother I of course have the thoughts of how neglectful was his mother- did she abuse him physically or emotionally?  And how on earth could a mother neglect such a precious little boy?  I have found my mind wandering to her so much today...where is she now?  What is she doing and what would she think of her son being adopted by an American family?  And I pray for her.  I pray that she would know the Lord and do right by Dima's brother.  If she is on drugs or an alcoholic I pray that she gets clean or sober.  I also pray for Dima's brother that he is healthy, happy, and living a good life with his Papa.  And I pray for Dima's Papa that he would have a good life with the son that he has and that he, too, would know the Lord.

It is wild how a 20 minute meeting can cause one's mind to reel with so many thoughts.  In the meantime I am eagerly anticipating the moment that I get to lay eyes on my Dima- my Cheburashka!  Yes, each of my boys have a nickname and I've chosen one for Dima.  Cheburshka is a famous bear here in Eastern Europe and I have fallen in love with him.  Think Mickey Mouse but only a bear with a crocodile named Gena as a best friend.

On that note I am going to take a much needed nap.  It may only be 8:00 a.m. back home, but it is 3:00 p.m. here and we were up early.  And come Friday a whole new paper chase begins!  Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and continued donations to our adoption.  We are most grateful and I do not think I could ever fully express my gratitude.


Joy for the Seasons said...

I love getting the scoop on what is going on over there! It encourages me to read of how you are praying for Dima's family as he is becoming a part of your own. They need the Lord as much as we do. I have never heard any of my friends adopting internationally say that they pray for their kids' birth families. (Doesn't mean they don't...just wish it was talked about more!). Looking forward to your Friday update!!

Amy L said...

Finally, it's your Dima's turn. I am so happy that you are there and will be holding your little man in your arms very shortly. I pray for the rest of your adoption journey to go smoothly and may God Bless you as you get to know your son and prepare him for his new life with a Mama and Papa of his own. God is Good!

summer said...

You will soon be holding your sweet son!!!! So Wonderful!!!!!!

Aislinn said...

So excited for you!!! We will continue lifting you up in prayer as you prepare to meet your sweet boy!!

Hinz57 said...

Oh my word! I'm crying! It's hard to believe just a few months ago you were planning and waiting and worried...and now YOU'RE THERE!!! How very exciting!! I'm so very happy your SDA appointment went well and I can't wait to see Dima pics!

Carla Dobs said...

So cool to hear about your SDA appointment since we will have ours in only a week!!

I will pray as you meet your precious boy tomorrow!!