Friday, September 16, 2011

Dima Has His First Check Up

This morning I took Dima to his new pediatrician for his first check up.  Elijah came with me to assist in keeping Dima calm and I have to say that overall everything went really quite well.  Dima was understandably a little scared of everything but he never once pitched a major fit or screamed or cried too much.  He was fairly cooperative and the pediatrician was amazing with him.

Bottom line Dima is pretty healthy all things considered and he has no major health issues.  He DOES have 2 hernias, one in his abdomen and one in his groin.  Those will be operated on hopefully by the end of next month.  His tonsils and adenoids are also in dire need of removal but the hernias are more important.  We will most likely wait until after Christmas to have the tonsils and adenoids removed.  His ears looked good, his heart sounded fine, and he might need glasses.  We will also have to take a lovely stool sample to make sure that he does not have parasites or another "cootie", but more than likely he is fine (according to the pediatrician).  He is about the size of a healthy 4 year old but is 7.  For now!  The pediatrician really thinks that Dima is going to do really well and she even thinks that he has Mosaic Down Syndrome.  He will see a genetics specialist in a few weeks to have a battery of tests done.

I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted by the time we walked out of the office.  I really was not sure what to expect or what we would find out today.  In the grand scheme of things I will take these minor issues and praise the Lord that Dima is as healthy as he is.  He was so neglected for 4 years of his life and in an orphanage for 3, that things really could have been much worse.

God has been so good and so faithful to Dima!

More later....

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