Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dima Met His Church Family

Today was Dima's first Sunday here at home which meant that he was able to meet the church family.  Overall he was so happy to be there but did have some fear of some men (normal for him since he was raised by all women).  He loved meeting the other kids, having a snack, singing hymns, and playing on the playground outside.  I personally was so touched by how kind everyone was to Dima.  So I want to take a moment to publicly thank my church family for being so amazing.  Your love, kindness, and enthusiasm for Dima brought tears to my eyes.  My dear little boy left a country that had no use for him and was welcomed into a church family that was eager to love him.  THANK YOU, dear church family.  I pray that you are blessed by Dima, too, and enjoy watching him grow over the years.  I pray that he brings joy to you all and makes you smile and laugh.  Thank you.

I was also overwhelmed with God's faithfulness this morning.  As I sat in church singing praises to God I thought back to the past 9 months of working to bring Dima home.  Even when things would get held up or look bleak, God's hand was on the entire process.  He provided.  He guided.  He led.  Eric and I obeyed.  God kept Dima safe, healthy, and happy.  God put people in Dima's life to bring the Gospel to him, to minister to him, to care for him.  Wow...

And yet I think back to all of the little ones I left behind.  Sadness grips my heart as I think about how they would greet Eric, Carol, and I: "Mama!  Papa!  Babooshka!"...oh break my heart!  Dima misses one little boy in particular and asks me about him almost every day.  His name is Kolya.  Sometimes I wonder if Dima wonders why we did not bring Kolya with us.  Or maybe he wonders if Kolya will ever get a family of his own.  All I know is that I share Dima's sadness when it comes to his little friends.  They are precious, every last one of them.

But there is hope.

There is hope that more people will see Dima's story and feel compelled to rescue a deserving child.  Just one child.  We cannot save them all, but we can certainly make a difference in just one little child's life.  Just ask Dima.  If you ask him if he is happy here he will say a vehement, "DA!  YEESSSS!".

If you have followed Dima's story and even feel just a tug at your heart to inquire about adoption, please do not ignore that tug.  A little child's prayer depends on that tug.  You just might be that miracle that child needs.

Until tomorrow....

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