Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Day In Kiev & Personal Request

In less than 24 hours Carol, Dima, and I will be boarding a plane to head home.  Home.  For Carol and I it is a familiar place with familiar smells, nosies, faces, and comforts.  For Dima it is just beginning of his new life.  Sure, he has been out of the orphanage for almost 2 weeks but he is still in a relatively familiar environment.  He can watch television in a language he understands, eat foods that are not totally odd, and the climate is familiar.  Home is now an unfamiliar place for Dima.  He doesn't really know his brothers, the sounds, the foods, the climate (VASTLY different!), etc...  it will all be strange to him.  So while I rejoice that we head home tomorrow I mourn for Dima who will be leaving behind an environment in which he is comfortable.

Will you please pray for Dima as he arrives home tomorrow and begins his new life?  I am not blind to the adjustments that will take place for our family over the next few months.  That being said I would also like to take a moment and just share a few personal requests that Eric and I have once we return home.

First, we are so grateful for all of the prayers, love, and support we have received over the past 9 months.  Without all of you I would not be sitting here in Kiev right now with Dima.  It has been amazing to see God work through so many of you to save the life of just one little boy.  Please know that the first few months will be a huge time of adjustment for our family and we will still covet your prayers and encouragement.  This time of adjustment may also mean that our family may not make it to every social function, church function (Eric will since he it is his job!), or answer the phone every time it rings.  Eric and I will also be unable to babysit anyone else's children for awhile.  Please be patient with us as we learn our new normal.

Second, I am grateful to those that want to help.  There are practical ways that you can offer your help such as offering to give our boys rides to or from various CHEA or Classical Conversation events, meals, a note of encouragement, etc...  Something that does not help?  Unsolicited advice.  I know many of you love to give well-meaning advice but if you personally have not adopted Internationally I would prefer that you just tell me how cute Dima is.  I do not mean to sound rude, but the unsolicited advice only adds stress to an already stressful situation.  Thank you anyway.

Third,  I am well aware of some negative words from friends about our adoption.  My humble request to you?  Please give Dima a chance.  Treat him with respect and the dignity that he so deserves, especially if you call yourself a Christian.  Love Dima as Christ loves Dima.  I promise you will not be disappointed and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, please do not use the "retarded" to describe my son.  It is an ugly and hateful word.  It would be just as hateful for me to call someone "fat", "bald", "stinky", etc...  You get my point, no?

On a positive note, I would like to welcome anyone who wants to greet Dima at the airport for his homecoming.  We will be landing at 6:28 p.m. in ORLANDO (not Tampa!!!!!!) tomorrow, Monday, September 12th.  If you have further questions about that please feel free to contact Eric.

We look forward to continuing to share our journey with you all as I will be maintaing this blog as well as our Youtube Channel.  It is my prayer that more little ones will find their families through showing what a blessing it is to adopt a child with special needs.  In the meantime I hope to see many of you soon!  


Momma C said...

You have got to be kidding, someone referred to Dima as retarded? Please tell me that was a warning and that it didn't happen. My jaw just hit the desk really hard.

I am so happy that you have come this far and are on your way home with sweet Dima.

The girls and I have ALL enjoyed watching your videos. Especially Paisley! She sits here and watches them over and over :) I think we may have a little crush! LOL We hope you continue to make videos once you are home so we can watch you all grow together as a family!

*HUGS* to you. Praying for a safe and easy flight home!

The Monier Family said...

Not at all kidding. Someone indeed referred to Dima that way and more than once. It is foul and disgusting. SUPER offensive- cannot stress that enough.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the videos. There will be more:)

Hinz57 said...

Orlando?????!!!!!! I'll be there!!! We don't even know each other but since I'm so close and following you two days later I'm there!!! Safe travels and lots of prayers!!

Walsh Family said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Reeces Rainbow. I for one appreciate your family sharing online, especially since my husband and I are considering adopting again.

I love your family and your sweet videos. It was neat to see a glimpse of the orphanage and the children. Dima is a total cutie and smarty pants. :) It's been fun to watch him. Also, I love that you are doing ASL with him. That's really smart.

I hope your transition home goes smoothly. It's been exciting being able to follow your adoption journey through your posts and especially your videos. Dima's future is bright now. That makes me smile. Your future will be brighter now, too (but you know that!). Some days will be tough of course, but overall, sweet Dima is going to be a great brother and is already a great son. He is going to touch the world in special ways that only he can.

Adoption is a new concept for some that have had no experience with it. Give people time (which I'm sure you will)...I believe their hearts will soften. Some people need more time than others. But watching your love and Dima's love will help all areas...even their walk with God.

Congratulations on your new son! and please keep posting! You are an encouragement to many :):):)

Tara said...

It is so unfortunate that so many people do not know how to address those individuals with special needs! We will be praying for you and your adjustment, having a nephew with Cerebral Palsy and a brother in law with Autism we can certainly understand some of the challenges you will face! But knowing you and Eric ROCK at being parents to all of your boys, I am sure you will be adjusted in no time!