Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life With Four

O.K., so we are only halfway into the second day of having Dima home but I honestly feel as though he has been with us forever.  In a way he has been with us for longer than two days due to all of the time and effort we put forth as a family to get him here.  But he truly blends in with us and seems like a homegrown Monier Boy.

Yesterday was a day of first for our newest little man.  He learned what it was like to wake up to a family, have breakfast where he could eat as slowly as he wanted, he got kisses on his boos boos, he learned to love the dog, he learned the joy of Papa coming home from work and how exciting that is, he leaned how to play out in the backyard with his brothers, and was able to experience a tender and Godly bedtime routine with Papa leading the boys in their devotions and prayers.  Is it 100% easy?  No, not at all.  There are bumps and adjustments for all. All 3 of my homegrown little misters told me personally that they are so happy to have Dima.  Jeremiah, in fact, wants a sister ASAP.  No worries, we are going to give it time before we make a final decision on that but we never say never.

Today has been more of a "routine" day as Grammy has left us and it was all Mama today.  All 3 of my "homegrowns" did their school and Dima played with his Thomas trains.  The boys also ventured outside to water their garden and then, of course, they showed Dima how to make Florida mud.  So fun for them all!  They had lunch and snack, more school, and now we are attempting naps/quiet time.  Not so much success there but I am trying.

I also uploaded more videos onto our Youtube channel with some leftover videos from our time in Kremenchuk and then, of course, Dima's homecoming.  I will not stop with videos now that Dima is home- I want to show the world that Dima IS worthy and that other families can successfully adopt a special needs child.


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