Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Videos!

Just a little update for those of you that are not friends with me on Facebook.  I recently added several more videos to our Youtube Channel.  Please click here to check it out.  Enjoy!!

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Erik and Olivia said...

I loved this video! Made me tear really did. Our girl has been home since January - and I long for the day she will give a hug to one of us like Dima was with his daddy. This is HUGE for Dima (and his parent's of course!). You are a lucky mama for having him in your life. He looks like a sweetheart. I read the newer post about the birthday party. I can relate...and no one around us (when we lived in NH) understood why we didn't want people to hug her or kiss her or encourage her "cute wildness" - ugh. Hang in there and I hope those around you really understand that in the long run, staying in the cocoon for a little while will be a GREAT thing for your family.