Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Place Like Home

SO very!  We are home after a very grueling 20 hours of travel and being awake for over 24 hours.

Flying with Dima was challenging (I am not going to lie here) and the first flight he was airsick and was having some of his famous diarrhea- at the same time.  So imagine being in an airplane WC with a sick kid on a bouncy flight.  And that was only in the first 10 min. of being on the plane!  Then making our connection in Amsterdam was also rather traumatic and we almost missed our flight to Detroit.  Thankfully we made it to US soil in one piece but by the time we landed in Orlando we had had enough of traveling.  It will be awhile until I get on a plane again!

But Dima's homecoming was sweet and intimate.  Just family greeted us and I was actually relieved for Dima's sake.  Dima knew his brothers and Pa (Eric's dad) immediately and held Sammy's hand tight!  They  have become instant best friends and I am so pleased.  Sammy is so grateful to finally have the brother home that he cried for so many nights though last night Sammy could have cried because Dima was not letting him sleep!  The first thing that Dima wanted to do was take a bath (me, too!) so we obliged and he was in heaven.

This morning was fun as Dima was the first to wake up and he woke us all up (except for Jeremiah).  We had toast for breakfast and then we saw Papa off to work and Elijah off to Co-Op.  Jeremiah majorly overslept and we wanted to keep Sammy home for Dima's sake as he trusts Sammy completely.  We also worked on getting over Dima's fear of our dog, Jax.  Poor Dima would scream and cry every time Jax came near but as the morning progressed we had Dima playing fetch with Jax- I think they will be great friends.  Dima also got a buzz cut and LOVED it!  I fully expected him to freak out, but he actully enjoyed it and loves his short hair.  It is so hot here in FL that I keep my boys' hair short.  That and Dima has a lovely case of cradle cap that I need to deal with and it is easier with his hair short.

I do have some prayer requests, however.

*We had our luggage lost in Amsterdam!  Pleas pray that it is found and that we get it back soon.
*Dima's Tummy.  It seems that he may have something going on like H Pylori or a parasite and I need to get him into the doctor ASAP to get it treated.  I think I am also dealing with a similar issue as I've hardly been able to eat and my tummy has been super icky for awhile now.  Please pray that we would be able to get Dima seen and taken care of this week (Mama, too!).

Well, I would love to write more but I am super brain dead and have had a migraine for 3 days now.  I need to rest while the boys are resting!  Thanks again for all of your prayers, well wishes, and encouragement.  Please know that I appreciate it all and am grateful for the continued prayers.  We have some work ahead of us in getting Dima integrated into our family, but I think so far it is showing such potential.  He seems to fit right in and is loved by us all.


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Yay!!! Welcome home Jenny! It must feel SO GOOD!!

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Welcome HOME! Love it!

And I'm looking for PICTURES!!