Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oksana & Suzanne

Another day, another child.  I'm kicking off Down Syndrome awareness month a few days early with some adorable faces!  The first little one is Oksana.

Oksana is an adorable little girl who is 5 (will turn 6 in January) and has $10,3888.90 in her grant.  Over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!  That is a huge grant to start with and would help considerably with adoption expenses.  Here is what Reece's Rainbow has to say about her:
"Oksana is a beautiful carrot top with blue eyes!  She is healthy, with no heart condition.  She does have hard astigmstism in both eyes, so she will need corrective glasses.  But she is active and happy, described as affectionate and playful.  Won't you give Oksana a family of her own?  There is full medical info available for Oksana!"
This is an ideal situation for any family.  There is a considerable grant and full medical information available!  That is a win/win situation.  I know the picture is not the best quality, but if you would like to see another picture of her and learn more about adopting Oksana, please visit her bio page by clicking here.

The next little love that I would like to share with you is Suzanne.  She is 5 and has already been sent to live in an institution.  That just breaks my heart!  Does she look like she deserves to live in a mental institution for the rest of her life?

Reece's Rainbow has the following information on sweet Suzanne:
"HELP!  I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED!  Sweet little love Suzanne has been sent to an institution.  She has flat feet, and a severe intellectual delay due to her Down Syndrome.  She could really use a family to allow her to bloom!  She is located in Russia."
For more information on sweet little Suzanne, please click here.  There is $25.20 available in her adoption grant.  Hey, $25.00 is $25.00, right?

Are you Oksana's mama?  Are you Suzanne's mama?  

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