Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, it is a cold and rainy day here in Kiev and all of our warmer clothes are wet and will hopefully soon be dry.  Dima is having tummy issues again so we really cannot go anywhere.  Honestly?  That is O.K. with me since I am drained.

So while Dima is quietly looking at books I thought I would take a moment to share some thoughts about this amazing adventure.

Overall I have to say that this has been one of the BEST things I have ever done in my life.  Not only did Eric and I get to adopt a wonderful little boy, but hopefully we have been able to open some of your eyes to the blessing of adoption.  Was it simple and easy?  No way!  It was absolutely some of the most difficult 9 months of my life.  The paper work, the ups and downs of the country closing, and just preparing and learning all that I could about having a child with Down Syndrome.  It was draining!  But then I think about the sacrifice that Christ made for you and I.  I doubt that was easy for Him.  To be beaten, mocked, and nailed to a cross is by far more unbearable.  But He did it.  He did it because of His love for us.  Eric and I did what we did because of the love we have for our Lord's children and for the love that He has for us.  Anything different would have been disobedience on our part.

Now that I have Dima in my custody is it easier?  Nope.  He is an amazing little boy and I love him dearly, with all my heart.  But I will say one thing for sure.  He is a stubborn little man who will test his Mama like it is his full-time job!  Totally to be expected.  He also has fears, fears of things that we take for granted every day.  Currently we are staying on the 9th floor of an apartment building and getting in or out of the building has been a battle as Dima is petrified of elevators.  Dima is not keen on chaos (who is, really?).  He will just sit down and zone out as tears roll down his sweet little cheeks.  Dima is physically a very strong little boy and can hurt you without intending to do so.  What I intend to be a nice little hug turns into a wrestling match; or used to.  Mama had to teach Dima that he can only wrestle with Papa.

What is easy?  Teaching new English words and ASL to Dima.  He has been picking both up with ease and I am so proud of him.  He counts, says the alphabet, plays pretend with cars and action figures, he loves to watch cooking shows on television, and he can breakdance like no one else!  He happily greets everyone he meets with a hearty, "Privet!" and says his farewells with a grin on his face.  He knows when he has been disobedient as he then gives himself a spanking (I kid you not!), but can then stick his little tongue out and tell us, "No no no!" as if WE had been the offending party.  Then he smiles again and life resumes at a happy pace.

Without a doubt anyone who meets Dima will be blessed.  If not there is something wrong but not with Dima.  Just sayin'.

Not sure exactly where I going with this, but it is safe to say that I do not, for a moment, regret our decision to adopt this little bundle of energy.  And my time is now up as Dima has come over to me and said, "Privet Mama!".  I think someone wants his Mama.

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