Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Videos Such as These

It is videos like I am about to share with you that remind me why it was so important to make so many sacrifices to bring Dima home to be a part of our family.  I watch Dima in amazement when he completes a complicated puzzle or plays with his brothers and seems to understand everything that they are saying to him.  Sometimes I catch myself starring at him because it is almost unreal to me that he is even here in our home!  God is so good!

Many of you have seen our family videos and it is obvious to just about anyone who sees them that Dima is full of life, full of promise.  God has a plan for this child.  But if Eric and I had not been obedient, Dima's life would have been so hopeless.

The first video I am going to share is of a boy with Down Syndrome in a Ukrainian mental institution.  You will hear a man say, "Privet" which is "Hello" in Russian.  The young boy beats his head on the wall rather than return the very sad yet a very real situation for so many children with Down Syndrome.

This next video was made over a year ago.  At one point it features an adorable little girl from Reece's Rainbow, but I am pleased to share that she has since been adopted. It is the other footage in this video that I really want you to see.  I've seen this Today Show segment many, many times and it still makes me cry.

So as I sit here and share these horrible images, I have a little boy in the next room playing, living a happy and secure life because the of the generosity of so many people.  Otherwise, Dima could have very easily been one of these horrible statistics.  It is also through the help of Reece's Rainbow that we have our son and we are grateful to them, as well.

Would you please pray for the 147 million plus orphans that are in the world at this very moment?  Better yet, would you consider being the Mama or Papa that these children so desperately need?  If that is not possible, would you please consider making a financial contribution to a family that has stepped out in faith?

Some little lives may depend on it.

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