Monday, September 19, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Today's entry will not be about Dima or his awesomeness or even about my other boys and their awesomeness.  Today I want to introduce you to another blog.

In the same theme of caring for the least of these I would like to introduce you to my friend, Liz.  I have not known her very long, but I can say that I honestly appreciate her friendship and everything about her.  You see she is the wife of our church's Senior Minister, Anthony (Eric is the Associate Minister).  She is bold, strong, smart, funny, caring, and loves to help others.  Her full-time job, aside from being a wife, mother, and minister's wife is that of a counselor.  I will not go into too much detail about that since I am not sure how much she wants me to share, but let me just say that she really helps people that are in desperate need of it!

This coming November Liz has an amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to Rawanda.  This is not your ordinary mission trip, either.  She is going to train the native people how to counsel those that have been traumatized by all of the unrest that is going on in Rawanda.  I am in awe of her desire to go there and pray that this trip not only blesses the people to whom she will minister, but I pray that she is blessed in return (I know she will be blessed!!!).

Liz is in the process of raising money to head over there and at last check she was about $950 shy of being fully funded.  I would not be a good friend if I did not plug her mission and share it with you all who read my blog so faithfully.  If you would like to "meet" Liz and learn more about her trip in November, please visit her blog, Monday Morning in Rawanda.  Please prayerfully consider donating to her mission!

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