Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Months Ago Today

Two months ago today Dima walked out of that orphanage for the last time.  FINALLY, he was able to take his Mama and Totie through those gates, the gates that he knew held freedom for him.
Two months ago today a little boy took a marathon bath and enjoyed every moment of it- relishing in the freedom of taking a long bath without consequence.
Two months ago today Dima got to ride in a car and see the world around him in the safety of his mother's care.
Two months ago today Dima become a beloved member of our family who has challenged us and taught us the meaning of patience over the past 2 months.
Two months ago today I become one of the most blessed mothers in the world.  But as Dima says, "I love you more".  I honestly do not know who love who more.

Two months ago seems like a lifetime  God is amazing.

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