Tuesday, November 8, 2011


That was the word used to describe my son, Dima.  Someone who thought that Dima was not going to be able to learn and become a productive member of society.  I know that there are still people, fellow Christians whom I count as friends, that think Dima is ineducable.

Well, I am the kind of person who loves to prove people wrong.  I love to do the impossible because ALL things are possible through Jesus Christ.  Jesus loves the underdog, too.

So I dedicate this entry to anyone and everyone who thought or even still thinks that Dima is ineducable. Yes, this is going to be one big thumbing my nose at the world entry!  I also want to challenge you.

Dima's capacity to understand spoken English:  That boy understands so much more than what anyone would give him credit for.  I've tested him.  For instance, he will ask for a bath and I will answer, "Do you want to roll in the mud?".  His eyes bug out and he shakes his head no and crinkles his nose then giggles.  He knows that his Mama is testing him and asking him a ridiculous question.  If I quietly ask him to pick up his toys in his room, he will go directly to his room and pick up his toys.  No question he understands what I am saying to him.

Dima is speaking English more and more each day:  Today, in fact, I noticed that he is blurting out full sentences in English.  Now can he always speak clearly?  No.  But that is common with anyone who has Down Syndrome.  But think about it.  Dima has not even been home for two full months and he is blurting out full English sentences!  I was in the Ukraine for almost 6 weeks and could not speak a full sentence.  My Russian was broken and I embarrassed myself more than once.  I am 34 and have no disability!  Dima is only 7, has Down Syndrome, and had a traumatic start to life.  Who is the ineducable one?

Dima printed the letters 'A' and 'B' yesterday!  Were they perfect?  Hardly, but it was a fantastic first try.  He also traced those letters and did a fantastic job even at that.  Still a huge triumph for Dima.  He can hold a pencil and try!

Dima has an amazing capacity to love.  Despite the neglect and abuse he endured for the first 4 years of his life he was able to trust Eric and I from the start.  He has loved us and our family without question.  How many of us can trust and love so easily?  I confess that I personally would have had trouble with that.

Finally, Dima has affected people all over the world and has been a witness for Jesus without even really trying too hard.  God has an amazing plan for that little boy's life and some people were wanting him to be left where he was.  He was ineducable.  I am now going to directly ask this question:  Do you truly doubt God that much?  Do you not trust His plans for Dima?  Are you missing out on blessings because you thought you knew better than God?

I know that for our family, if we had doubted God's call to rescue Dima we would be missing out on so much.  That boy brings so much joy and laughter to our family.  He teaches us to be patient and to love unconditionally.  We were also the ones called to pull Dima from a hopeless future; one that most certainly would have brought death.

Eric recently had the opportunity to preach on Sunday morning and he talked about forgetting our first love.  He talked about how we need to fan the flames of our faith or we will become cold and complacent.  Eric also shared a story about a little girl in China who had been run over by a truck and 15 people walked by her as she bled out.  It was all captured on video.  Sadly, that little girl passed away.  Eric then said that he doubted that anyone in our church would have walked by that little girl, that every one of us would have stopped to rescue her.  While I'm sure that most of us would have stopped to help her there are little ones being left for dead every day and not many people are doing much about it.  In fact, when Eric and I committed Dima some people couldn't understand why.  Why?  He is ineducable.  He is retarded. Is this any different than that little girl in China?  No.  No different.  Dima's future was also death.  A slow, painful, and lonely death.  He now has hope.  He has a future.  He is learning about Jesus.  Jeremiah 29:11 applies to Dima's life, too.

I am no scholar, just a house wife, but I love Jesus and will stand up for the least of these because that is what Jesus commands us to do.  As Christians we are all commanded to care for the least of these.  It does not matter wether or not someone has a disability or a disease.  It does not matter if they live next-door or across the ocean.  It is not a choice.

Dima, in many ways, is more intelligent than any of us.  He sees things in a purer light.  He loves without prejudice.  He trusts despite his dark past.

Do we?

Maybe it is you and I that are ineducable.  We can learn so much from someone who was deemed ineducable.

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Jed and Kimber said...

"Maybe it is you and I that are ineducable. We can learn so much from someone who was deemed ineducable."

I love that. Thank you for sharing your heart. Go Dima go!