Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Question #1

"Hey Moniers!

I don't know if you remember us, but we used to teach your boys in one of the children's church classes at MBC. Anyway, Jimmy and I have been talking to an agency about adopting from Russia and have two questions for you. Did you use a specific program to learn Russian and who did your homestudy? We are having a hard time finding someone locally. Also, thank you for blogging your adoption process! It's been helpful and encouraging to us. :)"

So great to hear from you Angie.  Congrats to you and Jimmy as you walk in obedience to God's call!

First, Eric and I did not use any program to learn Russian.  We had a phrase book that we would use but then after being in the Ukraine for so many weeks we just kind of picked up on it.  But if you are interested in using a program I hear Rosetta Stone is excellent.

Second, we had a social worker from Tampa do our home study.  I will contact you privately with her information.  It is difficult to find a good social worker and it is best to really do your research and ask lots of questions before you commit to a specific social worker.  I've seen instances where halfway through the process the home study agency or social worker 
decides that they are unable to handle your adoption due to Hague laws or what have you.

Finally, stay focused on Jesus as you walk this path.  Adoption is not always easy, but if you keep focused on Him, He will lead you as you take each step.  Pray for your future son or daughter, that their hearts would be prepared to be a part of your family.  We prayed for Dima every time we thought about him (which was A LOT!) and one of our biggest petitions to our Father was that Dima's heart would be prepared for us.  Sure enough the day we met him he gave us a big thumb's up and said, "O.K.!" when he was told that we were his family. He fits right into our family and I give the glory to God!

Take care and I would love to follow your journey.  Do you and Jimmy have an adoption blog?  Are you fundraising?  I would love to publicize for you.

On that note, I would love to have more questions!!  This was a great way to kick off Adoption Awareness!!


Angie said...

Thanks so much for answering my questions and for the encouragement! Jimmy and I don't have a blog up and running yet, but we are working on one. I'll find you on facebook! :)

Rachel said...

Just wanted to say "Hi" from After the Rainbow. If you need anything or just want to talk to other families who have "been there", please don't hesitate to contact me or to post on the After the Rainbow Yahoo Group (shoot me an email if you're not a member yet).

Rachel Whitmire
Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry