Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today Eric came to me and said that he wanted to commit to adopt Dima.  One year ago today I received one of the most amazing Christmas gifts a mother could have ever hoped for.  A child.  A wonderful, precious, little boy who so desperately needed a home.  A boy who this time last year was just another face in a sea of many faces.  A boy who had been used and abused by a woman who legally had no right to be called his mother.  A boy for whom I wept as the clock struck midnight on Christmas Eve turning into Christmas Day.  I sat in my rocking chair where I have spent many a night nursing a baby, comforting a sick little one, reading stories, and I longed to have one more little one to rock in that chair.  And tonight I get to sit in that very chair and rock that precious little boy and whisper to him how much we love him.  Someday I hope he, too, will celebrate Christmas Eve with a little extra happiness and gratitude...someday.  In the meantime I will relish every moment of his first Christmas with us.  A redeemed child of God.

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Connie Renee said...

So very happy and thrilled for you and cannot wait until next year for our precious Ethan! Love your tender heart!