Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why Stop Now?

After last night's post I figured why stop with Shane and Oleg?  I am on a roll now and am going to fight for these little ones!

Meet Lilianna.  Is she not beautiful?  Look at those huge blue eyes!  This beauty is 2 years old yet this picture was taken this past week.  She is the size of a baby.

This sweet little love also resides at Orphanage 18, Dima's former residence.  I have seen this little one, too.  Dima had to use the bathroom one morning while we were outside so I took him in and waited in the hallway for him to finish.  As I was standing there a nurse was carrying a little one in her arms.  The little one looked sickly and pitiful.  Our eyes met and locked.  Our eyes were locked until she was out of sight and around the corner.  It was THIS little one with whom I had a moment.  It was as if Lilianna was saying, "HELP!  PLEASE!  I need you!".  A few days later I learned that this little one was in the process of being re-listed with Reece's Rainbow.  I cried after she rounded the corner.  I could see her pain.  I could FEEL her pain.  

Lilianna once had a family.  A family more than ready and able to rescue her, make her a part of their family.  But then this little one got so so so sick.  She was hospitalized and the family was told that she was not going to live.  And that was that.  The family was heartbroken and they ended up adopting another little one from the same country.

And then a miracle happened.  Lilianna, by the grace of GOD, survived!  Over the months she got stronger.  She is a little fighter.  Her life has a purpose!  But the purpose of her life does not include her laying in a crib for the rest of her life.  I truly believe that God has great things in store for her life!

I confess that I personally would very much like to be this little one's momma.  Eric and I put our house on the market so we could adopt a little girl and have the space to have a little girl in the family.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We actually made a REAL first step in rescuing this little one.  But there are so many other factors beyond our control that would play a part in us rescuing this little one, that I do not know if and when everything will fall into place to make a way for this to happen (details that I cannot share here in public).  Because I love this little girl so much I want for her to have a family ASAP.  She has some health concerns that need to be addressed sooner rather than later and if I cannot help her now, I plead for someone else that is able to do so.

So is there another momma out there willing to rescue this little one?  Another family willing and able to whisk her away from a life of loneliness and sadness?  A momma willing to tenderly care for this little one, a daddy willing to protect her?

Eight days until Christmas....where will Lilianna spend her next Christmas?



Marianne said...

We are praying every day for her! I so badly want her to have a family!!

Mel said...

I'm with Marianne!!! Praying for God's favor for you and for sweet Lilianna!!