Friday, January 6, 2012

Amazing Grace

I have recently posted about a few little ones listed with Reece's Rainbow who desperately needed a family.  Needed.  Past tense!  They were once lost but now are found!

Remember Shane and Oleg?  The little ones who were about to be transferred to an adult mental institution 9 days before Christmas?  They have been FOUND!  I wanted to post their pictures but Blogger is not cooperating with me this morning.  The Patterson Family was providentially led to those boys in an amazing twist and turn of events.  To read their story, click here.  They will be leaving tomorrow to go rescue their new boys and I humbly ask that you keep them all in your prayers.

And then there is Valentin.  After much prayer, blog entries from many Reece's Rainbow Mommas, Facebook posts, etc....  Valentin has been found!  He will finally know the love of a family.  Unconditional love.  Amazing grace....

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