Monday, January 9, 2012

The BEST News!

Not only was sweet Tyler found, but LILIANNA has been found!!!!!!!!  Our family is rejoicing, the boys are running around the house yelling for joy!!!!!!  My heart is grateful!!!!!!!!  Eric rejoices with me!!!!!!!

This precious girl for whom we have prayed, advocated for, donated to, etc.... has been found by her Momma and Poppa!!!!!

Please keep Lilianna in your prayers as her new family works hard to get the paper work completed. As soon as we have her blog url we will happily share that with you all so you can follow along on their journey.

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Loving the Mommy Life said...

I too was so thrilled to see her on the MFFM page. We all need to pray that her health remains stable and the family who has committed to bring her home can get her home.