Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Kolya

This morning I would be honored to introduce you to a very special little man.  His name is Kolya.  This little man has captured the hearts of many Reece's Rainbow advocates and many of us are praying in earnest that that his family would find him.  

This is a recent picture of Kolya.  How old does he look to you?  4?  5?  6?  Maybe 7?  This little guy smiley was born in July of 2000 - he will be 12 years old this summer and in desperate need of a family. Kolya would be the oldest child with Down Syndrome ever adopted from Reece's Rainbow!

From Kolya's advocate and friends:  "Kolya is a very delicate and sensitive child who catches every touch, every word or smile.  He may long to sit next to someone and just hold hands, enjoying the warmth.  Kolya is a very special child in every sense of the word.  He will never be like other children, but this does not negate his ability to enjoy the outside world and bring joy to others.  Kolya is quite helpful as he helps the nannies to collect clothes and toys.  He helps to clean the room.  He does not say much but he certainly understands and has a good memory.  Kolya knows the names of geometric shapes, animals, plants, likes listening to someone read a book,  and works puzzles.  Any family that would adopt Kolya would need to care for him throughout his life, but they can absolutely count on the sincere affection from a very good and loyal little man."

Are you Kolya's mother?  Are you his father?  Are you his aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, or sister?  Are you that family that will be blessed for your obedience to God's desire for this little one to have a family? 

So it is not the will of your Father who is in Heaven that one of these little ones perish.  
Matthew 18:14

I am going to be blunt.  It would not be easy to adopt an 11 year old with special needs who has spent most of his life in an orphanage or institution, but Kolya is worth it.  He is worth taking that step out of your comfort zone so that he may be rescued.  Redeemed.  Sometimes the greatest blessing comes from allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable; stepping out in faith.  How can you literally be a Monday Morning Christian today?  How can you help Kolya's story of redemption come to pass?

As always, pray.  It costs nothing other than your time.  You can donate to Kolya's grant.  He currently has $1055.00 in his grant which would be a blessing to any family willing to take that step of faith.  Share Kolya's face and information on your Facebook and blog.  Share his need.  Finally, YOU can be Kolya's family.  Take that step of faith and be prepared to be blessed!  

It is a Monday are you going to walk out being a Monday Morning Christian today?

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