Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet Sarah

Today I would like to introduce you to Sarah.  

This beautiful little girl was born in October of 2005 and will be turning 7 this year.

Sarah is described as a lively child, cheerful, and always in good spirits.  This girly girl loves playing dress-up and takes pride in her appearance (can you picture her in some princess dresses?).  Sarah also enjoys helping her nannies set the table for dinner, taking the job very seriously.  She wears a hat and apron, setting the table correctly - fork on the left, knife on the right.  Sarah also loves to draw and is said to be very artistic.  She particularly loves to draw a family: a mom, dad, house, and herself.  She prays that her dream comes true!

At this time the only health information on Sarah is that she has a "serious incurable disease".  She is listed with the HIV positive children, but may have some other health concerns.  But do not let the letters H I or V scare you away from this little love.  Having a child with HIV really not all that scary or different than having a child with diabetes!  For more information on raising a child with HIV please visit the website Project Hopeful.  Here you can find up to date information on raising a child with HIV as well as read stories from other families that have adopted children with HIV.

As of now Sarah has $960.55 in her grant.  How can YOU help her?  Donate?  Pray?  Adopt?  Help another family adopt?

How can YOU be a Monday Morning Christian for Sarah on a Wednesday morning?

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