Monday, January 16, 2012

World, Meet Spencer

This evening I would like to introduce you to Spencer.  This sweet little man will be 6 this summer and has already been transferred to an adult mental institution.  A MENTAL INSTITUTION!  No, this little boy should be in a family going to kindergarten, not a mental institution.

Spencer is described as healthy with no noted heart conditions.  He is physically capable, active, and will regress if in the institution too long.  Currently there is $7,543.50 in this little man's grant- that is A LOT of money to have in a grant as you commit to a child through Reece's Rainbow!

Speaking form experience, Spencer seems a lot like our Dima.  Capable, high-functioing, and would do well in a family.  If you are considering adopt a little boy and have not had any previous experience with adoption, Spencer might be an ideal child for you.  As I've said before in this blog, an International adoption of a child with special needs is not easy, but it IS doable.  It is certainly always in one's best interest to do their  "homework" before committing to a child, but do not let that scare you.  The more informed you are going into an International adoption of a child with special needs, the more comfortable you will be.

Spencer deserves to be in a family (who am I kidding- they ALL deserve to be in a family!) and at one time he had a family committed to him.  For whatever reason that family was unable to follow through, but a sizable grant remains.  Would you please do something for Spencer?  Pray for him?  Donate to his grant so another family can step forward and adopt him?  Or maybe you are looking at his picture right now and feeling a little tug at your heart...a he your son?  Should this little boy really be residing in an adult mental institution?  I've been IN an institution and it is not a place for any child.  But to think of a child like Dima or Spencer in one of those places, well....I could only imagine the damage that could be done if left in an institution for too long.  Spencer needs to be rescued.

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"I've been IN an institution and it is not a place for any child."- Amen! Let's get these kids OUT of there!!