Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dental Visits 1 & 2 Plus Fun

Yesterday Dima had his initial visit at the pediatric dentist.  It went better than I had expected, though it was really rough sitting in the waiting room hearing him scream at the top of his lungs- the WHOLE TIME!  The other parents were all looking around as if to say, "Who's kid is that making such a fuss?".  I just sat there and pretended I didn't know it was Dima (ha ha!).  Unfortunately since Dima was so ornery they were unable to do anything other than x-ray and clean his teeth which meant we had to return bright and early this morning for them to begin the work.

On the bright side Dima had zero cavities in his permanent teeth, but his baby teeth are in rough shape.  He needed some fillings and two crowns.  They also put a protective seal on his permanent teeth.  I am grateful no teeth had to be extracted!  For this second visit Dima had to be sedated and swaddled for his own safety and he handled that pretty well.  The funny thing is that the demerol did not keep Dima sleepy very long.  By the time he got home he was wanting to bounce off the walls and chew the inside of his cheeks until they bled (ouch!).  There will be another dental appointment at the end of the month when hopefully the dentist will be able to finish up the work in Dima's mouth.  Then, from then on out it will be maintenance visits for cleanings and such.

Now for the fun stuff!

After yesterday's initial dental visit we stopped at Easy Street Family Fun Center so Dima could meet the amazing Jennie Pinard.  Jennie and her team helped us with our adoption by allowing us to have a fundraiser last March- Dima Day!  From that point on Jennie was one of our biggest supporters and she, too, has a heart for orphans.  We showed up a few hours before it opened so Dima had full reign of the place.  The three of us had so much fun playing on the mini golf course, chasing each other through the tunnels on the giant indoor playground, and Dima got to have some Hi-C.  It was a really great time with Jennie and I think it even further convicted her heart that there is a little boy somewhere out there meant to be a part of her family.  Here are a few pictures that she took with her phone:

Dima is now the "General Manager" of Easy Street!

Jennie and her new best friend.  We love you Jennie!!

And another shot of Dima hard at work.

As you can see Dima is quite the busy boy!  We will be having his 8th birthday party there for sure.  He deserves such a celebration!

In the meantime I have also enjoyed having the opportunity to share with people I have met at the various medical appointments Dima's story as well as letting people know that there are many more little ones just like Dima in dire need of a family.  It is always touching to see others compassion for these little ones and maybe, just maybe Dima's life will help another little love be found by their forever family.

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Glenn said...

Oh, Dima is indeed working hard on that on-screen keyboard! Well, good thing Dima handled the sedation pretty good, and I see no worries in general. I think he deserves some fun, like paying Ms. Jennie a visit. Cheers there!

[Glenn Koehm]