Monday, February 27, 2012

Only a Mother's Love

The past 24 hours have been a little nutty here in our home.  Our youngest son, Nathan, was rushed to the ER from Urgent Care yesterday as he was in respiratory distress from an asthma attack.  It was not a pleasant afternoon and it brought back so many memories of when Nathan was born almost 6 years ago.  The poor little fellow had to be taken at 35 weeks due to lack of amniotic fluid and he had to fight for his life with every difficult breath.  As Nathan laid on the examination table at Urgent Care and was failing to respond to us as we were yelling his name, I did not see a little boy; I saw a tiny, premature baby.  My baby.  Without hesitation he was taken to the ER and thankfully by the time we arrived Nathan began to come out of it and his oxygen levels returned to 100%.  After 6 long hours we were able to return home and try to get Nathan settled in for the night.  In the middle of the night I had to wake Nathan twice to administer breathing treatments and I was beyond exhausted (I had participated in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine Friday and Saturday with the high school youth at our church- enough said!).  As I sat in an uncomfortable chair holding my "baby", I truly felt as though there was nowhere else I would rather be.  Sleep?  A love that a mother has for her child can overcome a lack of sleep.  Besides, that what an obscene amount of coffee is for.  The smell of stale puke wafting from a pile of laundry in the garage?  Well, O.K., let's not go overboard, but I am grateful that I HAVE nasty laundry form Nathan to wash.

And what will today bring?  As I type this entry Eric is at the dentist with Dima.  Poor Dima is having part 3 of some major dental work and will have to be put under and restrained.  That means upon his return he will be out of sorts and will most likely attempt to chew off his own face.  Blood and possibly more puke will be involved.  But you know what?  What an honor.  I GET to take care of that precious little love, too.  And Dima gets to experience, again, the tender love that only a mother can give.  I wonder how many times he was sick before he came home with us and he felt scared and alone with no mother to hold him

The other two boys, Jeremiah and Elijah, well, they are out of sorts today, too.  I've got one in bed laying quietly because his throat hurts and the other screaming and crying because there is nothing he wants to eat for breakfast (i.e. he is WAY overtired).  I am still in my pajamas, sucking down coffee like it is my job, and I still would not want to be anywhere else.  Who else will be sick today?  How much laundry will I have to do?  How many times will I have to tell little boys to "flush and wash"?  As much and as many as I need to.

Now I will take a moment here and confess that I do not always feel "blessed" to do all of the above.  Every week for the past 6 weeks someone has been sick.  Actually, overall, we have had a pretty rough winter in terms of sickness.  I have had my share of pity parties in the recent past, too.  But it was taking it all to my Heavenly Father that helped me to turn my perspective around.  He reminded me that He, too, deals with my sicknesses, "temper tantrums", and ugliness yet He still loves me.  He gave His one and only Son so He could have me with him in all of eternity.  That is the sort of love we are to have for our children and one another.

Unfortunately with Sammy being so sick yesterday I missed church and the opportunity to hear my own husband preach on love.  I am thankful, however, that the Lord used my less than desirable situation to teach me and remind me what unconditional love is.

So here is to what I determine to be a good day.

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