Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another One Found! Who Is Next?

I awoke this morning to learn that precious Lilianna has been found!  It was not able to be our family but I am just beyond thrilled that she HAS a family!  She deserves another chance at life.  Her new family will be beyond blessed as they have found a treasure.

But there are so many more treasures out there.  So many more deserving little ones; the least of these.  Today I would like to introduce you to a young lady that is running out of time.  Her name is Bernadette.

She was born in November of 1996 and has Down Syndrome.  Despite the fact that she is 15, she is the size of an 8 year old and a petite one at that.  Bernadette is described as being friendly, sweet, and energetic.  She enjoys playing with dolls and watching cartoons.  She would make a wonderful daughter to a family who can be patient and provide the long term care that she would need.

But time for sweet Bernadette is running out.  She can only be adopted if she finds a family before November!  After that, any chance of her having a life in the outside world is zero.  She would be behind the same four walls until she would pass away.  Is that any sort of life for a sweet girl such as Bernadette?  Is it the life for ANY child?

At this time Bernadette's grant with Reece's Rainbow has $10,521.00 available to a family that is home study approved.  Is that your family?  If not, would you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to her grant to help ease the financial burden for a family that is willing and able to rescue this sweet girl?  You can click here to go to Bernadette's page.

Can you be a Monday Morning Christian on a Tuesday morning?

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Jacquelyn said...

I love how passionately you advocate for these children, thank you for what you are doing!! I nearly cried today when I saw Bernadette on the My Family Found Me page, I have been praying for her so much! Love seeing God at work!!