Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love for Lilianna

Awhile back I posted an entry about a precious little love, Lilianna, who currently resides at Dima's orphanage.  She is breathtakingly beautiful and is a survivor.  You see, she had a family commit to her awhile back and in the midst of the process the family was told that they could not adopt her.  Lilianna was not expected to live.  While Eric and I were in the Ukriane this past summer Lilianna was being re-listed with Reece's Rainbow and so many people rejoiced that Lilianna had survived.  This meant that she had a second chance!  All fall I gazed at her picture, prayed for her, shared her story, and even desired to be her mother.  The Monday after the Superbowl a family finally committed to her and we rejoiced with them, prayed for them, and continued to donate to Lilianna's grant.

Shortly after the new family had committed the family who had originally committed to her arrived at Orphanage 18 to adopt a different child.  The family was granted the opportunity to love on Lilianna and the picture you see here was during that time.  Just look at this precious girl!  Can't you just imagine a smile on her face?  She is s survivor!  God has mighty plans for her!

But last night, to my astonishment, I learned that Lilianna had been re-listed on Reece's Rainbow and was once again available to be adopted.  I do not know what happened to the family that had been committed, but I am praying for them and am praying for Lilianna.  No, I am doing more than praying for her.  I want to be a part of God's awesome plan for her life and help this little one find a family.  I want to help raise money for her grant so a family CAN commit to her and rescue her.

I am asking anyone who calls themselves a Christian to be a moving part of the body of Christ and help be part of an amazing story that God is writing for Lilianna's life.  I've heard so many excuses as to why people cannot or will not help with someone's adoption.  To be perfectly blunt there are really NO good excuses.

"I can't afford to financially contribute."  REALLY?!  Not even $1?  Because God can take your $1 and multiply it into many more.  Dima is proof of that.  Maybe give up one Starbucks run or one pizza night.  That is really not asking too much.

"It is not my responsibility."  I disagree.  Please refer to the Scripture at the top of my blog (Proverbs 24:12).  You are certainly held responsible by God.

"I do not agree with International adoption."  That is fine.  But do you care about humans in general?  Do you care if innocent children die?  Just wondering.

"We can't save them all."  True.  Technically one person cannot save all 147 million orphans (probably many many more than that), but if we work together we can make a difference one orphan at a time.  It is Lilianna's turn, now!

So there is my blunt, truthful, and direct entry for Lilianna.  Love for Lilianna.  That is what I have for her.  I've been where she lives. I've seen the good and the bad of Orphanage 18.  We are blessed and thankful that Dima had wonderful care there.  Eric and I are also well aware, however, of some situations that are not at all like what we experienced.  We are concerned for Lilianna's health and safety and are praying in earnest that someone will take that step of faith towards their new daughter.  She deserves more than a second chance at life.

Can you be a Monday Morning Christian for Lilianna?  If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to her Reece's Rainbow grant, please click HERE.

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Jennifer said...

AMEN JENNY! I know we're trying so hard to raise money for our own little boy, but we will happily give to Lillianna's fund as well, because it's important to do that. I can't imagine what happened to the family who committed to her :(