Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 Over 10,000

The following is an entry written by another Reece's Rainbow momma.  She has a heart for the following little ones and has asked others to share, too.  Please read and share as well!

Elden is a "very lively, cheerful and naughty boy. Loves games and jokes. Loved by kids and educators." He is in a region that requires 4 trips, but the trips are all short (a week or less) and the region is a near a major city so the in-country travel is not difficult.

There are twenty-three more photos available here and oh my goodness is he cute!

Brent is healthy and active and badly needs a family as he has recently been transferred to an institution.

Preston is smart, active, social and in a great region to adopt from.

Alexander is affectionate and social and in the same region as Preston.

Sergei is a sweet little blondie who needs his mama.

And there is also Yegor. He doesn't quite have $10,000, but he's very close and in another great, low-cost region from which to adopt. There are a few more pictures of him here.