Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dima's Birthday Wish

In 5 days our Dima will turn 8 - his first birthday to be celebrated as part of our family!  He is excited though I am not certain just how much he understands about birthdays.  Regardless we are building it up to be something special for him.

Dima has one wish.  He is so happy to be in our family, to be loved, secure, and cherished, that he wishes the very same for one of his friends that he has left behind.  She has been mentioned before, but I will not stop advocating for her until she has a family.  Her name is Yasmine (click on name to see listing with Reece's Rainbow).  She is listed as being at Dima's orphanage, but in all of our time there we never saw her.  The sofa on which she is sitting in in the very room where Dima's picture was taken so I know that at one point they were in the same group.  Dima even remembers her and gets excited when he sees her picture.  I think they were good friends.  The following information is from Reece's Rainbow's listing for her:

Girl, Born June 19, 2004

Yasmine is walking sunshine!  What a glorious smile and a personality to match!  Yasmine was born with CP.  She has congeinital hydrocephaly as well.   Her feet/ankles are turned in, but she is able to pull to a stand and tries so hard to get around!   Surgery and therapy can make a world of difference for this darling little girl.

She is already 6 and facing the institution soon.    She is blessed to still be at the baby house.

Let's find a family for her FAST!!!

More photos available, please inquire.

Yasmine currently has $182.61 available towards the cost of her adoption.  For Dima's birthday would you prayerfully consider making a modest donation to her grant?  Dima's ultimate birthday wish is to see his sweet friend be scooped up into a loving family.  Could that family be yours?

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