Friday, July 6, 2012

Pre-Op Appointment & Such

Yesterday was Dima's pre-op day at Shands hospital in Gaineville, FL.  Unfortunately we are no strangers to Shands so I was able to navigate my way around quite well.  I only regret not bringing Dima's stroller since there was so much walking involved.

We started out by seeing the ENT one more time and it was confirmed that Dima would be spending at least one night in Shands after his surgery.  It will depend upon how well Dima responds to the anesthetic, how well he breaths during the surgery, and how much he is able to drink after the surgery.  Dima will do well, I'm sure, and come through with no issues.  He is too stubborn to have it any other way!

After our visit with the ENT we went to the pre-op department and did all of our paperwork and met with the anesthesiologist.  It was again mentioned that given Dima's severe apnea that there is a little more risk than normal, but I know Dima will be O.K.  We also confirmed exactly what all will take place and what to expect then we were sent on our way.  Given that we had a bit of a drive and there was lots of waiting time involved, we were gone for a total of 6 hours and were exhausted by the time we got home.  All that is left to do is have a little bit of fun before Dima has to recover for a few weeks!

In other news we celebrated Dima's first 4th of July and had a wonderful 2 day celebration.  Here in our little town we have the fireworks on July 3rd complete with a small town festival.  It was so nice and it was fun to watch Dima's reactions to his first real fireworks.  He was understandably petrified at first, but after awhile he was loving it.  July 4th we spent the day at the beach on the Gulf side and just had fun together as a family.  The boys played football with daddy, we buried each other, had snacks, and went looking for fiddler crabs.  It was the best 4th we have ever had as a family!

Then yesterday we celebrated our Elijah's 8th Birthday!  My boys are all growing up way too fast and I am just loving every minute of it.  Since Dima and I were in Gainesville all day Grammy made certain that Elijah was having a good day so he got to go to his favorite Chinese buffet for lunch.  The big fun was that he got to attend his first karate class ever with Sammy (Nathan) and receive his white belt.  That boy was in heaven!  He has waited for 2 years to join karate and it was totally worth the wait for him.

In the meantime I have some pictures to share but need to make space on my computer to upload everything.  That and we have been so busy that I do not have much time to upload pictures/videos or even be on the computer!  Ha!

Please keep Dima in your prayers on Tuesday.  I do not know exact times just yet, but will update from the hospital as I can.  Have a great weekend everyone!