Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good News Post!

Well, if it were possible to have too much good news for one post this would be it!

First, remember my previous entry?  You know, we were sponsoring an adorable baby girl, Adalia, for Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree and it was our mission to find her a family?  Well, mission accomplished!  I was notified that she has been found by her family!  I do not yet know who her family is, but if they see this entry, congratulations to them!  I am so thrilled for you both!  Our family will get a new Angel Tree child this week and we will share who he/she is as soon as we know.

Second, Dima had a follow up appointment from a CAT scan he had for his ears.  We had been told that Dima was hearing impaired and would need to have further testing done to see how we could help him hear.  So we went in and they did some more hearing tests and went over the results of the CAT scan.  Lo and behold Dima's ears are HEALED!  HE CAN HEAR!  The only thing that Dima was diagnosed with was "selective hearing" (ha ha!).  So Dima was released from the ENT's care for now and that is one less doctor that we have to visit on a regular basis.  I am grateful for Dima's sake that he will not need any hearing aids or further surgery.  Doctor appointments still seem to cause anxiety for him and it takes a few days for him to "recover".

Third, I had my first round of parent/teacher conferences with the boys' teachers over the past few weeks.  They all went swimmingly and the boys are all doing a fantastic job in school this year.  Jeremiah and Sammy are being tested for the gifted program, Dima is learning how to READ AND WRITE, and Elijah was described as one of the nicest little boys his teacher has ever met.  I know that this new school year has been a huge adjustment for them all and we had some bumps in the road at first, but all seems to be well now.  A big part of their success is that they are at a wonderful school and have excellent teachers.  That has made the difference for Elijah and Dima in particular.

Fourth, we are getting a new member of our family only this time it is of the 4 legged variety.  Yesterday the boys and I met a 72 lb. Weimaraner named Caleb (who the boys will rename Scooby Doo) at an event called Barktober Fest in Orlando.  Scooby Doo is one of the most intelligent, kind, playful, and handsome fellows I have ever seen.  He took to the boys almost right away and I can totally envision Scooby and the boys getting into some mischief together.

As you can see the boys and Scooby are all smiles and happy to have found one another.  I do want to give a shout out to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue that is located in Wellington, FL.  They have an amazing facility and the dogs are all very well cared for.  They also have an extensive network of foster families throughout Florida that really go above and beyond to make sure families get the right dog.  While my personal passion is finding forever families for orphans, I do want to also share that if you are considering adding a 4 legged member to your family, this particular rescue is an excellent one to consider.

Scooby Do will officially join our family one week from today.  We could not take him with us as we HAVE TO MOVE INTO OUR NEW HOUSE!!  Finally, after 4 months of trying to purchase the only house we looked at all summer, we closed on the house this past week.  It is on 1/2 acre and the back yard is totally fenced in so Scooby can run around and chase squirrels.  The back yard also has a lovely in-ground pool so the boys will be able to swim all of the time once again.  Eric will be back home with us on Tuesday (after being away from us for a whole month) and we can do a few things to the house and move in.  Scooby will then be delivered to us next Sunday afternoon.

So our biggest and best news is that we once again have our own home.  We moved in with my in-laws on May 24th and it is now the last day of September.  It was a long, hard, season of uncomfortable living arrangements but I am grateful that we had a safe place to stay.  It will feel good to sleep in our own beds, the boys will have their toys back (they have played with the same few toys over and over all summer and there was lots of bickering- oy!), and most importantly they will feel secure once again. In no way does living in a house mean eternal security or that is the only thing that brings about happiness, God provides all of that.  But as children, they have been unable to fully understand all of the circumstances that brought about the major upheaval in their lives.  All they knew is that everything that meant security in the day to day routine had been ripped from them and it was beyond their control.  Ultimately I believe that God spared us from further heartache that could have been if we had remained where we were and we have been blessed beyond measure with an exciting new chapter in our lives.  The change was painful for all of us and there is still some lingering hurts.  In time that will all heal.

So that about sums up the past few weeks!  All in all good news.  I will leave you with some videos from yesterday: Scooby Doo and an awesome boat ride that we took with Pa (Eric's dad).

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WOW!!! That is all great, great news. Thank you for sharing :)