Friday, November 2, 2012

Crazy For Camille

So last evening over supper the boys and I discussed how we could help Camille reach the $1,000 goal AND find a family for her.  They had lots of ideas, all very creative, but my dear Elijah brought up the one fundraiser that really bolstered his faith.  Some of you may remember when Elijah challenged everyone to get $500 raised for Dima by Mother's Day.  Up until Mother's Day morning he raised $35.  While he was grateful he was bummed out and felt as though he had let his special brother down.  But sure enough, the Lord blessed Elijah for his obedience.  By the end of Mother's Day someone had generously donated $1500 to Elijah's cause and Elijah's faith was built up.

So what was that fundraiser, you ask?

Elijah (and then Sammy!) had their hair cut into mohawks and they were dyed a very bold purple.  It was called Elijah's Mohawk Challenge.  The dye was so strong that it even dyed their scalps!  You can see videos from that wonderful day HERE.

Mother's Day 2011:  Elijah's Mohawk Challenge!

So we revisited the concept of doing another mohawk challenge.  What Elijah wants to know, however, is what color should he dye his hair?  Or should he get a silly haircut?  Leave a comment for him on the blog and we will reveal Elijah's Mohawk Challenge 2.0!

Bottom line, we are crazy for a little girl named Camille and want to see her in the arms of a family!!  


Farm School Marm said...

Yay! Praying for Camille!

Jed and Kimber said...

Hmmmm I vote for a rainbow mohawk. Love his heart. You go Elijah! :)