Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why We Should Care

I have been a horrible blogger when it has come to my Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree child, Camille.  Thankfully, however, her grant has still grown.  But my heart aches for her.  For her situation.  You see, she resides in Russia.  More than likely if you are reading this blog entry you know about the bill that the Russian President signed yesterday.  I want to be very transparent and say that I do not blame the Russian people as a whole.  From what I have been reading they are just as disgusted as many of us are here in the States.  Please pray.  Pray for President Putin to have an encounter with Jesus.  Please pray that any adoptions hanging in the balance would come to fruition.  And please please please pray for the orphans of Russia.

If you are skeptical about the dire need of these children here is a link to a blog entry written by an adoptive mother.  She adopted her little boy from a Russian institution and goes into great detail on her experience.

Why We Should Care

Friends, these children are not a "product".  It does not matter that these little ones are not "Made in the USA".  If that is how you feel then God help you.

Finally, here is Camille.  Does she look like a product just off the assembly line to you?  No, I see a sweet little love with lots of potential and love to give; to receive.  This precious little one's future is in God's hands.

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