Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Yasmine

Dear Yasmine,

You have no idea who I am or why I care, but I want to write this letter to you in hopes that you will soon have a family.  Do you remember Dima from your groupa?  It was a few years ago.  Dima remembers you and loves you very much.  He has asked me over and over to bring you home to our house, but I am not able to do that right now.  I wish I could as I do not have a little girl.  You would make a fantastic daughter and bring so much joy to a mother.  I think about you every day.  We pray for you.  We donate money to your grant in hopes that someone will choose you.  Sometimes I even ask God if I can be your mommy.  I've seen many pictures of you and you are just beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL!  I even see a spark in your eye that tells me that somehow, some way, you will walk.  If only you had a family who could provide all of the medical care that you need.  Again, I wish it was us, but we would not be able to just now.  You need a family sooner rather than later, precious one.

So many people have been praying for you and wondering where you are.  When I was in your beautiful country and at the orphanage where you once lived I looked for you every day.  I asked for you.  Nobody would tell me anything.  After a lot of searching we know where you are now.  It is not a happy place, of that I am certain.  I pray that somehow you know that people are trying to help you.  Trying to help you find happiness.  Even if there was a special family in your own country willing and able to care for you that would bring so many people so much joy!  You deserve to be part of a family!

It is my resolution this year to help you become part of a family.  Some may think that it is wrong of me to share your picture and share your story but I do not care.  No, it is more important that you receive the love and care that you deserve.  Hang on, beautiful princess!  Hang on!  I pray that you also come to know the love of Jesus....the One who loves you more than anyone on this planet.  If you know Him, you know of love and peace.  I can only pray...

Love always,

Dima's momma

Are you her mother?  Are you the woman that will be blessed to tuck this princess in every night?

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