Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet Edith

In a previous post I shared 2 videos from Dima's orphanage.  In one of those videos you briefly saw a little girl attempt to share her chocolate with me.  That sweet little girl haunts my mind almost on a daily basis.  She was a little girl who longed to have a mama and papa.  She would call out to me, "Mama!  Mama!" and lift her arms up for me to hold her.  The very first time I picked her up I could tell that she did not know how to be held.  I loved on her every day, twice a day, for 4 weeks.  I would feel sorry for her because she wanted so much attention and yet I was there to spend time with Dima.

For the past 16 months I would scan the Ukrainian orphan database to look for this little girl's photo.  Finally, this past weekend, I found her.  As soon as I saw her face I emailed Reece's Rainbow and asked if they could list her.  Today her listing has appeared.  The name under which she is listed is a name that I got to choose.  It is after my Grandma Allerton and I secretly always wanted to have a little girl so I could name her Edith.  So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the newest listing on Reece's Rainbow, Edith!

Girl, born 2006
Diagnoses:  depression, impulsive, attention deficit disorder.
It is suspected she has FAS; she suffered meningitis in past.
Look at sweet Edith, all dolled up for the New Year’s party at her orphanage!She has had a broken nose because when she lived in the family her mother’s boyfriend pushed her and she fell and broke the nose. Two foreign families have visited her but did not end up adopting her.  
One of our adoptive families has met her, and has video of her for inquiring families. They said she was begging for attention, desperately needing love.

My family is the adoptive family who met her.  I have quite a number of videos to share that shows Edith in action.  As it states in her little blurb from Reece's Rainbow, yes, she suffers from depression and is impulsive.  But I personally believe that if she was found by the right family her life would change dramatically.  I believe she could find joy and happiness.  Will you pray for her?  She will turn 7 this year and age out of the orphanage that she is currently in.  I fear that if she were to be transferred her depression would only deepen making it all the more difficult to transition into a loving family.Her grant is resting at a measly $15.00 ten of which is from my family.  If you would like to see more video of Edith let's get her grant to $50.00!  For every $50.00 I will happily share a video if this beautiful little love.  And maybe, just maybe her mama will see her and know that this is her daughter.  Are YOU her mother?  Are you the one that is going to rescue this little one out of a life of hopelessness?

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