Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update on Sammy & Other Happenings

Just a brief update on Sammy and the happenings of last week.

Unfortunately there was a three month wait to see the neurologist at Shriner's.  As a result we were referred to a pediatric neurologist affiliated with All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, about two hours south of where we live.  Sammy was able to get an appointment one week from today, January 29th.  This will be a bit more involved as we are to keep Sammy awake the night before for an EEG that is to be done first thing in the morning.  My friend, Carol, who traveled to the Ukraine with us will be accompanying Sammy and I on this adventure.  This appointment will require another overnight stay but Carol and I are determined to make this as fun for Sammy as possible.  I have also been assured by this particular neurologist that we should have a diagnosis by the end of Sammy's evaluation.  It is our family's hope that this will truly be the case.  Our little guy has suffered long enough.

In other news, the FLU hit our house last week and it's worst victim was Elijah.  That boy was SO sick, the sickest I have seen him in a long time.  Elijah's pediatrician was quick to get us some Tamiflu and the rest of us fared better than poor Elijah.  Jeremiah's symptoms were minimal though he did feel lousy.  Sammy was even less severe than Jeremiah and Dima just had to suffer through the side effects of the Tamiflu.  This momma stayed well but was very sleep deprived!  The positive to all of last week was that daddy was home for most of the time which made life more bearable for all.  We were so happy to have daddy keep us company, play board games, jump on the trampoline with those that were able, and of course, do some home improvement projects.  After our brush with the Flu, however, we are all ready for spring and lots of lazy summer days in our new pool.

I now leave you with some pictures from last week.  Enjoy!

Poor Bubba down with the Flu.  Faithful Caleb stayed by his side the entire time.

Look how pitiful.

A game of Clue with daddy!  Poor Dima was in the bathroom getting sick from the Tamiflu thus he was not in this picture.

Daddy making repairs to our 30 some year old fridge.

Dima, our resident jumping bean, wanted to jump with daddy.

Dima was going to show daddy how it is done.

"Good job, daddy!"


Now hopefully the rest of this week will be relatively uneventful.

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