Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Worldwide Campaign to End the Institutionalization of Children

The following video that I am about to share with you is not pretty.  It is not cute.  It is downright horrifying.

DRI's (Disability Rights International) Worldwide Campaign to End the Institutionalization of Children will work to change the widely-held public perception that institutions are safe places for children with disabilities and will bring an end to international charities and development organizations supporting and perpetuating the segregation of children with disabilities in institutions.

I fully support this organization and their campaign.  The faces you are about to see could have very easily had been my son, Dima.  Now that Dima is a part of our family, however, he is very much a part of our community and even attends a typical public elementary school.  Had he remained in Ukraine without a family he would have been locked away, never to have the opportunities that he has now.

Families in these countries need the resources to care for their children with special needs.  In the meantime, thousands of these children are available for adoption.  What are you doing?  How can you be a part of change?  Pray?  Give?  Go?  Adopt?

For more information on adopting a child from these conditions please visit:  There you can find some information on requirements and even see a list of waiting children in dire need of a family.  

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