Friday, May 31, 2013

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Each summer Jeremiah, Elijah, and Sammy go on an extensive camping trip with Grammy and Pa around the State of Florida.  Dima was not quite ready to go on that sort of trip without momma being there so we opted to keep Dima home again this year.  We also looked at it as an opportunity to spoil him with some extra special love and attention.  He has been enjoying it until last evening when he burst into tears because he misses his brothers.  Poor guy.

On the first day of the boys' camping trip, however, Dima and I made the treak to our former stomping grounds to visit with dear Carol or as Dima calls her, "Totie" (yes, I know Totie is not the formal Russian word for aunt but that is what Dima has called her from the moment he met her).  Carol, aka "Totie", travled with Eric and I to Ukraine when we adopted Dima.  She then also remained in Ukraine with me for 4 1/2 weeks after Eric returned home to the States.  To say that we became close friends was an understatement!  She is one of my closest friends and has stuck closer to me than a sister.  Carol also passionately loves her Dima and he loves her just as much in return!  

We had lunch at her golf club and Dima was a perfect little gentleman.  The greeter assumed that Dima would act up and brought over paper and markers for him to color.  Nope, Dima was able to sit with us and carry on a relatively in-depth conversation about school.  I offered the markers and paper to him and he was not at all interested.  After our delicious lunch we went to Toys 'R Us where Dima spent $50 in birthday gift cards on Animal Planet animal sets.  Wow!  He was in heaven!  We spent the remainder of the afternoon at Carol's home relaxing on her back porch and watching Dima have fun in the plastic pool that she had purchased for her dog, Spirit.  Dima and Spirit played together and had a blast.

Sadly, before we knew it the day was almost over and it was time for us to make the journey back home.  We were sad to leave but truly enjoyed the time with "Totie".  She is one of the most Godly, wise, and caring women I know and I am blessed to call her friend.  Here are some little glimpses into our visit:

Totie and Dima fill the pool for Spirit.
Dima loves to play in water.
It didn't take long for the clothes to come off and for Dima to end up in the pool before Spirit!
Dima brought some of his new animals into the pool with him.
Dima, Totie, and Spirit.
Best buddies.
Doggy kisses for Dima.
This child radiates pure joy, epscially at Totie's house (where Dima is king)!
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