Friday, May 3, 2013

Update on Sammy Wammy

It has been awhile since I posted anything on Sammy and his ongoing issues.  This past Monday we had a neurology appointment and have gained some answers.  We still do not have the final answer, but with each round of tests/blood work we are getting there.

Back on March 1st Sammy had a sedated CT scan of his entire head and all the way down his spine.  Thankfully the scan showed nothing in terms of damage or growth (i.e. no brain damage or tumors).  So we then had some blood work done.  The first round of blood work showed nothing out of the ordinary which is also good news.

So what next and what in the world could possibly be going on in that child's body?  Well, the neurologist suspects that there is something  going on with Sammy's genetics.  Either something is missing or switched.  Apparently that is not all that uncommon.  The trick is, however, to find exactly what is missing or switched.  It is going to take more blood work and possibly even a biopsy of some muscle tissue.  In the meantime we continue to help Sammy become stronger through various exercises we learned at OT and making certain that he gets the right food.

There is one piece of information that I failed to share with the neurologist.....

Sammy IS a laundry monster...maybe that is the cause?

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