Saturday, June 1, 2013

Big Night On The Little Town

To continue with our special time alone with Dima we decided to take him out to supper at one of his favorite places to eat:  Rexall B & W.  A REAL pharmacy with a small town "diner".  It is "Home of the 88 cent Breakfast".  An icon in our small town.  The food is inexpensive yet tasty.  Eric had all you can eat fish, Dima had a cheeseburger, and I had their prime rib special.  For dessert we all shared a slice of lemon pie.

After supper we decided to walk across the street to Cooter Pond Park to look for gators and turtles.  Success!  The weather has been perfect here over the past fews weeks with lower than normal humidity, little rain, and cooler than normal temperatures with a constant breeze.  Last evening was delightful.

Daddy and Dima wait for their food.
Dima loved the big bear.
Posing with some Cooter Turtles.
Dima is looking for gators with Daddy.
Some major small town law.
Peek-a-boo I see you! 
He had no fear of humans and watched us fully expecting that we would feed him.  Guess he failed to read the sign at the other end of the park.
Gator #2.  He was not as friendly.
As Dima would say, "Best friend, Daddy!"
Love that cheesy face.  We cannot imagine our lives without it.
Worth every piece of paper work, fundraiser, and almost 6 weeks in Ukraine.
I love him!
He loves me, too.
I love this guy a whole lot!  He said, "Yes" to Dima and has said, "Yes" to another!
Just our small, lazy town on a Friday night. 
Old school!
 We love living here and are happy that the Lord brought us back.  Living in a small town makes life a little more simple and a lot more enjoyable for us.

Oh and yes...we will have an exciting announcemnet in the coming week....if you missed it, look back at the pictures and read the captions...
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Emi said...

Are you adopting again? That's great! I followed your blog to bring Dima home, and I love your updates, he looks soo happy! I know any child will be blessed to be in your family