Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Haps

So school has been out for about 2 1/2 weeks.  As I have shared in previous entries Jeremiah, Elijah, and Sammy went camping with their Grammy and Pa while Dima was king of the castle.  He missed his brothers terribly yet upon their return he was no longer king.  His brothers did not take to his bossing very well.  

Then last week Elijah FINALLY had his tonsils removed.  That poor boy has been sick so much in the past twelve months that it was more of a relief than anything when we arrived at the surgery center.  I had Jeremiah and Dima with Elijah and I that day and as you can see, Dima was taking care of his "little" big brother...or something like that...

"Sit on you, Bubba?"
"Mom, Dima is getting heavy now.  Help!"
 All in all the surgery was a success and Elijah is recovering nicely.  Out of all four boys Elijah is my easiest patient (Dima is a close second!).  As we drove home from the surgery, however, Tropical Storm Andrea decided to arrive.  That made things a little more intersting.  No damage here so all is well.

To add to the craziness Eric and I had requeted a little girl's file from China.  It arrived the day before Elijah's surgery and then we realized that it was the incorrect child.  The day of the surgery I was emailing back and forth with the agency attempting to get it all resolved.  Thankfully, by the time we returned home from the surgery we had the correct file and even recent videos of the little girl.  BUT we had less than 24 hours to fill our our initial application and get our letter of intent off.  We are now waiting to hear back to see if we have pre-approval!

In the meantime Dima started ESY (Extended School Year) through our district at the special needs school.  He LOVES it and seems to be doing very well.  So far I have not heard otherwise so I think no news is good news.  Come August Dima will attend the special needs school during the regular school year.  We are thankful that we have that option as Dima really could use the individulized attention.  

On Friday Sammy has more blood work done to furhter investigate what is going on in his little body.  The blood test will specifically looking for a mitochondrial deletion.  Bottom line we are looking for the reasons why our Sammy Wammy has issues.  One thing we know for certain is that he does NOT have CP.  We are thrilled that we have that answer but we also see how God used Sammy to open our hearts to another child who DOES have mild CP.  More to come on that....

So far it has been an eventful summer and we look forward to all that this summer will bring.

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