Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Blogger: Channah's Guardian Angel!

This blog entry is written by Channah's Prayer Warrior and Christmas Warrior, Susan.  She has faithfully prayed for our sweet girl every day since December and even helped to raise $1,000 for her during last year's Christmas Angel Tree Warrior project with Reece's Rainbow.  Eric, the boys, and I are extremely grateful for Susan and the love she has for Channah.  She contacted me earlier this week and wanted to share all that she is going to continue to do for Channah as well as other families who are in the process of adopting.  Please visit her Etsy shop, Ginger on a Mission, and consider some of the beautiful items that she has for sale.  You can dedicate your purchase to Channah and help bring her home!

So, without further ado, I introduce you to Susan!


Last November my heart was being tugged when I saw a blog post by an adoptive mom saying she had signed up to be a Angel Tree Warrior for a little girl listed on Reece’s Rainbow. The goal was to help the child’s grant money grow by $1,000 during the holiday season.  I thought that would be fun but $1,000 seemed like too big of a goal for me.  After about a week of thinking about it quietly I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he of course said go for it, who cares if you don’t reach $1,000 every dollar will be more than the grant had before.  So then I poured over the children that I could choose from, how does one pick?  

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to select an older child and one with Cerebral Palsy as my passion for people with special needs started with a small orphanage in Vina del Mar, Chile where many of the children had cerebral palsy.  Channah’s picture stuck out to me immediately and as I read her profile and it stated she LOVED dresses I knew I found a match.  I LOVE wearing dresses.  I didn’t know much about Channah, just that she was somewhere in Asia, 10 years old, had CP and of course ADORABLE!  

After it was confirmed that I was matched as Channah’s Angel Tree Warrior, I started posting randomly on facebook about orphan statistics and my experience with special needs orphans in Chile.  I asked people to spare just a dollar for this sweet girl and watched her grant grow.  I shared her profile with other families who had a big blog following and continued to pester my friends.  Bugging them through facebook and in person wasn’t going to get me too far, I had to find a way to reach them and in Milwaukee… that way tends to be through food and drink.    

For my birthday which falls in December, I decided throwing a party and spending money on myself just didn’t seem like fun.  I had seen a local ad stating that a local bar/restaurant takes Guest Bartenders on Wednesday nights with all tips going to charity.  I have never bartended before but it seemed like a fun idea and way to celebrate my birthday through giving back.  I chose the night before my birthday and invited a bunch of friends, because hey, if we went out to celebrate my birthday, everyone would be tipping their bartender anyway!  

The actual bartending was quite an experience!  The restaurant is called Rustico and is in downtown Milwaukee.  A good friend of mine also works there so he requested to work that night to join in the fun.  Having about twenty friends come and just sit at the bar and watch me work was an experience.  It was such an wonderful and exciting evening that taught me I don’t want to bartend for a living!  I made almost $200 in tips (if I could make that bartending in three hours for real… I might switch careers!) from some very generous friends and strangers who rallied for my cause.

Since the holiday season I have tried to figure out how I could do more but I’m a social worker and let’s just say I’m not in it for the money.  My friends are all mid 20’s so clearly we aren’t ready to start our own families and adopt.  I became addicted to Pinterest and decided to buy a sewing machine.  My boyfriend thought I was out of my mind.  I tried to explain that I really did know how to sew.  In college I volunteered and taught a sewing class at a day program for adults with special needs, so clearly I can sew.   Once I started sewing things and they actually turned out he realized I had something.  He encouraged me to sell my items but I didn’t think they were good enough.  After some debate I realized that this was my way to help orphans.  I didn’t have money, but I had time and a skill.  This is where Ginger on a Mission came into play.
I put off opening my Etsy store for a while but after a lot of pushing from my best friend and boyfriend, I have officially opened my Etsy store.  You can see it at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GINGERONAMISSION

50% of each purchase goes to a Reece’s Rainbow family or child’s grant!  All you have to do is specify in the message at check out the family or child you are choosing.  This can be stated by their blog link or sponsorship link.  Obviously you can just write Channah and I will know who it is for     

Here are some of my items!
Susie Reusie Snack Bag- so awesome for snacks on the go and packing your lunch.  No more using plastic bags!  

Business Card Holder/Wallet/Gift Card Holder- Super adorable and fashionable to store business cards or a small wallet on the go when you just want a couple things in your pocket.  Also a way to dress up gift cards when you give them as a present.  

All of the Card Holders!  (I cannot take credit for all of these; I have an AWESOME best friend who spent many hours on these with me!)

Headbands- Will be there soon!  My adorable niece Eleanor makes them look so wonderful   Cannot wait to see Channah home and sporting one herself!

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