Thursday, August 15, 2013

Step by Step/Thirty One/Scentsy/Etsy

With each day that passes Eric and I accomplish one more task towards getting Channah home.  This morning I went in for my lab work and hopefully Eric will get in tomorrow.  I am beginning to gather up documents that need to go to our agency and I know my social worker is diligently working on our home study.  In the meantime Eric is working overtime to sock funds away and I am working on necklaces each day.  This past week, however, has felt as though I am stuck in Jell-O or quick sand; that nothing is moving fast enough.  We have been diligent in praying for her and know that just as Dima made it home, Channah will, too.  God has got this.

We do have two fundraisers currently up and running.  The first is a Thirty One party hosted by a fellow orphan advocate.  All sale from her website will benefit our adoption and at the end of the month she will donate the funds to our FSP.  Thirty One has fantastic products that are both durable and stylish.  My boys each have a backpack that has survived almost a full year of use!  To place an order with our hostess, Ashley, please visit: .  There is no specific party for our adoption, again, any purchase from her site will benefit our family for the month of August.

The next fundraiser is Scentsy!  My dear friend, Marion, who is an amazing adoptive mother to some children with special needs has graciously offered to host an online party for our adoption!  Christmas is not too far away and Scentsy makes wonderful gifts.  To order directly from the online party site please go here: .

Finally, I designed a new necklace for my Etsy shop.  It is very fitting for an adoptive momma or even an adopted child:

I had only made two and one sold almost right away, but plan on making more.  You can custom order this necklace to be any length you wish, just ask!  To order visit my Etsy shop:  Chicken Momma's Change!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we take each step towards Channah.  

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