Thursday, August 22, 2013

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Admit it.  When you read the title to this entry that infamous Beatles song song popped into your head.  When I looked the song up on Youtube I found the silly video and thought I would share.  It will be, after all, my birthday!  My birthday is not until tomorrow, August 23rd, but this entry has a purpose.  While this year is nothing special, just another year, I do have a wish.

I wish to have a daughter.  

An 11-year-old daughter.

From Asia.

With Cerebral Palsy.

I have longed to have a daughter since 2006 and finally, FINALLY, my wish is going to come true.  From what I understand about Channah, it is her desire to have a family.  Last night I had a vivid dream about meeting her and it was wonderful.  Sadly it ended when my alarm went off and reality hit.

Will you help be a part of making my birthday wish come true?  You can do so by one of several ways:

*Bless our FSP.
*Make a purchase from my Esty shop.  
*Purchase something from Channah's Guardian Angel and mention you would like 50% of the purchase to go towards our adoption.
*Participate in the Thirty-One fundraiser being held for our family.
*Participate in the Scentsy fundraiser also being held for our family.

Most importantly, however, please continue to pray for our family as we continue to walk through each door to our soon-to-be daughter.

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