Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today Eric and I walked into an orphanage and met our son, Dima, for the very first time.  I can still remember how I felt walking through those doors for the very first time;  I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest!  And I will certainly never forget laying eyes on Dima for the very first time!  It was so a dream come true!

And now, two years later Dima got on a school bus and went off to school like any 9 year old boy should.  He is learning how to read and write, self control, he swims like a fish, and loves Jesus.  Yesterday morning at church he helped to lead the Love Department in VBS songs!  He is not even the same little boy that I met to years ago.  No, the little boy I met two years ago had so much pain and baggage:  he had never been to school, he had been abused, and had never even been outside much at night which was just unfathomable.  I will also never forget the first time I took him into a store called the Amstor - It was as though he was channeling the Tazmanian Devil!  Life suddenly looked very different as I watched him experience so many things we take for granted for the first time.

As I reflect on the significance of this day (for our family) I cannot help but allow my mind to wander to the future.  What will it be like meeting yet another child born from my heart?  What will Channah be like?  How will it feel the moment I lay eyes on her for the first time?  How will she feel?  With Dima's adoption I spent close to six weeks in his country and the love I have for Ukraine and for the people runs deep.  For Channah I will only have two weeks tops.  Will I fall in love with her culture as well?

There are so many more thoughts and emotions running through my head as I reflect on this anniversary but they are reflections I prefer to keep to myself.  They are good thoughts and memories but complex.  My thoughts have also turned to Dima's birth family....I continue to uplift his birthmother in prayer.  I pray that she knows deep in her heart that Dima is safe and loved unconditionally.

In the meantime, I will rejoice on having Dima in our lives.  We are so grateful that God has allowed us to be his forever family.  I am so very glad that we were obedient to His call.

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