Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Years Ago...Continued Reflections

Two years ago today Carol and I were being shuttled all around Eastern Ukraine getting the last of the documents/paperwork in order so that we could spring Dima from the orphanage.  I remember it being a very long and tiresome day and in all, we were in the car for over eights hours.  We saw so much of countryside that day as well as the village in which Dima was actually born.  Carol and I had the ride of our lives in that little station wagon with my facilitator, Alex, and our driver, "Metroslob".  We felt as though we were in a Mario Kart recreation!  As I think about this day two years ago it all seems like a distant memory, a dream.  But as I watch the videos it feels as though it was only yesterday.  I can still feel the jarring car ride, smell the country air, hear the Ukrainian music on the radio, and hear Alex and "Metroslob's" voices converse in Russian.  It is surely safe to say that I left a rather large piece of my heart in Ukraine and of course that is largely in part of the fact that my son is Ukrainian.  I love his people, his culture, and his country.  Life in Ukraine is hard, but simple compared to how we live here in the States.  So now I share with you some videos from our day of paper chasing in Ukraine...

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