Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Channah

I had wanted to write a beautiful sentiment for Channah's Birthday but my heart aches.  So I will simply say....

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  Mama, Baba, and brothers love you so very much and cannot wait for  you to be in our home and part of our family forever!  I pray that you know in your heart that there are people who love you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If You Were Here

I look at the clock and quickly determine what you might be doing there.
I also think about what you would be doing if you were here.

I roll out of bed waking from a dream of you.
I would roll out of bed waking up to your sweet smile...if you were here.

I make breakfast for four children each morning.
I would make breakfast for five.....if you were here.

There is a hustle and bustle of getting four children ready for school each morning.
There would be five children getting ready for school each morning...if you were here.

Four children excitedly walk down the street to the bus stop each morning excited for another day of learning.
Five children would be excitedly walking down the street to the bus stop each morning...if you were here.

I go about my day cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and picking up messes made by four children.
I would go about my day cleaning up the house, doing laundry that consisted of some dresses, and picking up messes made by five children...if you were here.

At the end of each afternoon I wait at the bus stop for four children to bounce off of the school bus.
At the end of each afternoon I would wait at the bus stop for five children to bounce off of the school bus...if you were here.

I set the supper table for four children each evening.
I would set the supper table for five children each evening...if you were here.

Every night I lovingly tuck four children into bed and wish them sweet dreams.
Every night I would lovingly tuck five children into bed and wish them sweet dreams...if you were here.

As I drift off to sleep I look at the clock.  You are just waking up to start your day.
As I drift off to sleep I would look at the clock and be so grateful to the Lord above that you are not twelve hours ahead...if you were here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

One Last Birthday

This Friday, September 20th, is Channah's 12th Birthday!  Lord willing, her last birthday as an orphan. If she were here, with us, her birthday would be celebrated; she would be cherished.  For those of you who know our family personally you know that birthdays are a big deal, especially for the kiddos.  As parents Eric and I desire to let our children know just how special they are and that they are celebrated.

Since we cannot personally be with Channah on Friday we can certainly continue to press on towards bringing her home and making her part of our family.  Our home study is about to be completed and our Dossier documents are about completed as well.  Before we know it we will be sending everything to our agency and we will be one step closer to Channah.  While we have been steadily sending in small payments to our agency we will have one large fee come due once our documents are complete.  The first major payment due will be $3600.  Thankfully, however, we can subtract $420 from that thanks to Grace Church's Adoption Ministry.  This amazing church took up an offering for our family back in July and so many generous people whom we never met sowed into our family.  We are so grateful and humbled.  We can also subtract another $600!  Our family had a HUGE yard sale on September 7th which was very successful.  So many individuals once again blessed our family with "stuff" to sell and Grace Church was key in our family's success.  We can also subtract another $100 due to the sale of the jewelry that I have been making.  I thank those of you who have been so generous with your orders.  Finally, subtract another $20 from the sale of some coupon books that leaves us needing to come up with $2460!  I will be keeping track of our progress on the right-hand side of our blog.

So.  We are going to celebrate Channah's birthday by working towards meeting the goal of gathering the remaining balance of $2460!  This week I will be working on my jewelry and adding some new styles and items to my shop.  I am hoping to yield about $200 in sales from that alone.  If anyone wishes to bless Channah for her birthday you may make donations directly to our agency, China Adoption With Love, Inc.  They accept donations as long as the checks are earmarked for our family and I would be more than happy to share that information with you personally.  Donating to our agency is not tax-deductible, but you can be assured that the money is going directly to where the payments need to be made.  If you wish you make a donation directly to our personal Paypal (our button is on the right-hand side of this blog) all funds in that account will go to our agency.  We do have a Family Sponsorship Page with Reece's Rainbow, and donations to that account ARE tax-deductible, but any money donated to our Reece's Rainbow grant will be held until we have our Letter of Approval from Channah's country.  Which will not come about until we complete our Dossier and have approval from United States Immigration.

Will help make this Channah's last birthday as an orphan?  This time next year we hope to be preparing for Channah's 13th birthday and celebrating with her as she officially becomes a teenager!  It is our desire to help guide her to being all that God has destined for her to be.  As a mother I desire to help her become a mighty woman of God!

Please prayerfully consider celebrating a beautiful young lady this week.