Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holding Our Girl Hostage (A Video, That Is)!

This afternoon there was an absolute blessing awaiting me in the mailbox.  The family that provided the recent pictures that I have posted of Channah burned a DVD for us that contains a video of Channah!  It is from when she was nine years old.  It is over a minute in length and is focused on her the entire time.  It would be fantastic to share the video with the world but I see this as an opportunity to benefit our adoption.

Our family needs to still raise $4,080 by the end of November. $720 of that is for our USICS application and the balance is for our agency fee.  If we raise $500 by October 31st be it from our fundraisers or flat out donations I will post the video for all the world to see right here on this blog.  You may donate to our Paypal (not tax-deductible) or participate in one of our fundraisers:

In the meantime please pray for her continued health, safety, and protection.  I received an update from the agency this afternoon and Channah is back in school.  So far she is doing well and has good marks in her classes.  The video, however, did show that she needs a family.  I truly believe that it would give her the confidence, happiness, and medical opportunities that she would not otherwise have.  Channah is 12 years old now and will be unable to be adopted by the age of 14.  At age 16 she is turned out onto the streets with no way to earn an income, care for herself, or even have a place to live.  Our family is willing and able to provide all of that for her and more!  Will you join our family in being part of her life's story?

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