Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Progress

It feels so good to be getting more Dossier documents sent off to our agency!  Yesterday Eric's new letter of employment arrived from his company's corporate offices and then we received a call late Friday afternoon that our local police clearances were ready for Eric to pick up on Monday.  All that is really left is to apply to USICS and have some family photos taken.  YAY!  Step by step!

In terms of fundraising and such we have $1600 out of the $5720 needed.  Please do not forget about our Discovery Toy fundraiser, my Etsy Shop, Ginger on a Mission, and starting on Friday, November 3rd you can please an order through Premiere Jewelry (access code: dcpd7)!  Our church's youth pastor's wife, Denise, is having a fundraiser party for our adoption both online AND in person at my house.  That is four different ways that you can help us get Channah HOME!  Eric is working overtime and I will happily make jewelry until the cows (or Channah!) come home.  Our Dossier must be off to China no later than December 18th which really does not leave us much time.  All fees that are currently coming up must be paid before the Dossier gets sent.

Channah desires to be adopted and be a part of a family.  She just turned 12 and has never known the love of a family, not even a foster family.  Here she is being asked if she wants to be adopted.  She answers, "yes".

Will you help make this young lady's dream come true?

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